Accelerating Environmental Sustainability

Accelerating Environmental Sustainability

Accelerating Environmental Sustainability

We operate a vast network spanning 32 countries and territories, serving more than one million customers worldwide. We run a centralized and automated distribution network with more than 3.8 million square feet of space in 28 strategically located distribution centers around the world. This structure supports our operational efficiency and enables us to serve our customers.

We work to reduce our environmental impact and promote responsible business practices in our own operations and supply chain, in collaboration with our suppliers, partners, and customers. Based on our ability to maximize impact, we focus principally on four environmental areas.

Henry Schein's Four Environmental Focus Areas

Climate Response

We are committed to climate action and transparency by continuously strengthening our approach to measuring, monitoring, and reporting on our carbon emissions and other environmental impacts. We are committed to Science-Based Targets and to set our science-based net zero target by the end of 2023.

Other goals and progress include:

Commitment to and Progress Against Our Emissions Goals
Commitment to and Progress Against Our All-electric Goals

Responsible Use of Water and Reducing Waste

We have limited direct product manufacturing; therefore, our operations are not water-intensive. We use water mainly at our distribution centers and offices for drinking, sanitation, and cooling purposes, primarily from utility sources.

We work to avoid landfilled waste to retain precious raw materials in the economic cycle and prevent soil and water contamination, air pollution, and degradation of nature in and around landfills.

Helping Our Customers Go Green

At Henry Schein, we encourage health care professionals to adopt a greener business approach and a shared commitment to environmental sustainability. We achieve this through efforts such as our Practice Green program and the American Association of Dental Office Management's Green Leader Initiative, which is supported by the Henry Schein Cares Foundation.

Since 2008, we have encouraged our customers to purchase environmentally friendlier products through our U.S. Global Reflections® Program. This program has since evolved into Practice Green™, a global initiative designed to help empower the health care community to establish sustainable practices for a healthier planet. Through Practice Green, environmentally friendlier products, services, solutions, and support is available to help health care professionals implement practical ways to become more sustainable while following current health and safety guidelines and continuing to provide high-quality care. For more information about Practice Green, please click here.

Practice Green