Accelerating Environmental Sustainability

Accelerating Environmental Sustainability

Accelerating Environmental Sustainability

With our vast global footprint spanning 33 countries and our 29 strategically led distribution and 19 manufacturing facilities around the world covering approximately 3.8 million square feet of space, serving more than a million customers worldwide, we recognize our impact on the environment and embrace our responsibility to manage that impact and drive positive change across our global value chain.

We work to reduce our environmental impact and scale sustainable business practices in our value chain in collaboration with our suppliers, partners, and customers.

Henry Schein's Four Environmental Focus Areas

Climate Solutions Through Collaboration

When facing climate and environmental issues, we focus on risks and opportunities for our business now and in the future. We are on a journey to better understand and measure these impacts, and to act decisively and sensibly to mitigate them.

In addition to improving our understanding of climate risks, we are also improving on our baseline reporting and data collection efforts in preparation for submitting our net-zero targets to the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) by the end of 2023. This requires us to report our emissions in compliance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Other goals and progress include:

Environment - Net-Zero
Environment - All-Electric

Responsible Use of Water and Reducing Waste

We have limited direct product manufacturing; therefore, our operations are not water-intensive. We use water mainly at our distribution centers and offices for drinking, sanitation, and cooling purposes, primarily from utility sources.

We work to avoid landfilled waste so we can retain precious raw materials in the economic cycle and prevent soil and water contamination, air pollution, and degradation of nature in and around landfills.

Championing Practice Green Across our Value Chain

Operating a global supply chain and serving customers all over the world, we drive positive impact in our value chain by working upstream with our suppliers, and downstream with our customers on more sustainable practices. This is done through Practice Green™ — a new, global initiative designed to encourage health care practitioners to become more sustainable while providing high-quality patient care. Since 2008, Henry Schein has offered its customers environmentally-friendly products through the U.S. Global Reflections® Program, which has since evolved into Practice Green and also launched in the EMEA region, Australia, and New Zealand earlier this year.

Through this new initiative, we aim to encourage communities to become more eco-friendly by providing solutions to support, educate, and enhance the environmental sustainability efforts of our customers and suppliers.

For more information about Practice Green, please click here.

Practice Green