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Types of Medical Examination Tables

Types of Medical Examination Tables

Types of Medical Examination Tables - Henry Schein

Different Types of Medical Examination Tables

At Henry Schein Medical, our Capital Equipment Specialist understand the difficulties of finding the perfect exam table for your medical facility. That's why our team put together a helpful guide to assist you in your purchasing journey. Learn more about the different types of medical examination tables we offer and contact our team today.

Power Procedure Tables

Power Procedure Tables (or power exam tables) are electric tables with powered seat, back, foot, and tilt. The powered feature makes adjusting height quick and simple for a seamless and unique exam for each patient. Power adjusted height and tilt especially assists in making the patient feel comfortable and secure.

With the touch of a button, adjustable features makes this table a favorite for medical professionals who work with elderly patients, patients with disabilities, and expecting mothers. A powered option allows medical professionals to save time which would otherwise be wasted constantly adjusting back, height, and foot features manually.

Equipment Highlight: Midmark 630 Barrier-Free Universal Power Procedures Table

The Midmark 630 Barrier-Free Universal Power Procedure Table is the table of choice with essential powered height, back, foot, and tilt. With a 450-pound patient weight capacity, your patients will feel supported and secure. Other features include:

  • 19-inch to 40-inch seat height adjustment (non-rotation models)
  • 22.5-inch to 43.5-inch seat height adjustment (rotation models)
Midmark 630 Barrier-Free Universal Power Procedures Table

Power Procedure Chairs

Power Procedure Chairs are used in a wide range of minor procedures and are favored by a diverse range of medical professionals such as orthopedists, dentists, and chiropractors. Like the power procedure table, the powered chair has electric adjustable height, back, and foot for supreme patient comfort and allows medical professionals to create catered experiences for patients.

Some benefits of a power procedure chair can often include:

  • Adjustable height often allows patients to place feet on the floor for an accurate blood pressure measurement
  • Optional wireless controls that allow a medical professional to adjust the height, foot, and back from anywhere in the room

Equipment Highlight: Midmark 626 Power Procedure Chair

The Midmark 626 Barrier-Free® Examination Power Chair is specifically designed to assist in performing accurate blood pressure readings on patients.

  • Patients can place feet flat on the floor
  • Provides strong back support through powered movement
  • Integrated IQscale® can weigh patients from the exam chair
  • 650-pound patient weight capacity
  • Uncompressed Height Adjustment 15.5" Low (Compressed: 14.6) /37" High
Midmark 626 Power Procedure Chair

Manual Exam Tables

Simply put, manual medical examination tables do not have power features which allow you to adjust the headrest and backrest with the touch of a button. Instead, these features are adjusted manually. However, that doesn't mean a manual table doesn't have its benefits.

Manual exam tables can still provide comfort to patients and can even lie flat. The headrest and footrest are also adjustable to fit all body types and comes with an enlarged footstep so a patient can easily mound the table.

Like many exam tables, manual tables come with side drawers for easy storage for medical supplies.

Bariatric Examination Table

Bariatric examination tables are designed for patients who may have trouble getting off and on of exam tables. These exam tables often come with power adjustable height and back and have a higher weight capacity than most tables.

Equipment Highlight: Ritter 244 Bariatric Power Treatment Table

The Ritter 244 Bariatric Power Treatment table is designed to provide comfort and protection to special-needs patients. With an 850lbs weight capacity, the Ritter 244 is able to confidently lift patients securely. Other features include:

  • 18-inch low height
  • Power height, back, and tilt
  • 32-inch wide seat
Ritter 244 Bariatric Power Treatment table

Pediatric Exam Tables

Pediatric examination tables are crucial for any medical professional working with small children in the pediatric medicine field. These tables are designed to securely fit infants and small children.

To ease children and reduce stress, pediatric exam tables often come in fun shapes, colors, and designs such as animals and trucks for a kid friendly environment. For comfort, pediatric tables often have upholstered panels, beveled sides, and no sharp edges.

Many pediatric tables come complete with a built-in scale for easy use.

Treatment Tables and Physical Therapy Tables

Medical treatment tables, sometimes referred to as physical therapy tables, are often used by sports medicine professionals and school athletic departments. Treatment tables come in three options: portable, power, and stationary.

  • Portable treatment tables are designed with mobility in mind with easy fold and transportation features. Medical professionals who travel for work and treat clients outside a medical facility favor this option.
  • Stationary treatment tables often feature hardwood legs for sturdy support. Although their height is not adjustable, many feature an adjustable back to prop up a patient when needed.
  • Power treatment tables have electric power adjustable height options for easy access and increased patient safety

Treatment tables come complete with padding regardless if stationary or powered for increased patient comfort.

Equipment Highlight: Clinton Industries Inc Power Table with Adjustable Back Rest and Drop Section

The Clinton Industries Inc Power Table features an adjustable, pneumatic backrest and friction lock drop section. With an electric powered height feature that's adjustable by foot, you'll be able to secure your patients easily. This power table has a 450lbs weight capacity so your patients will feel fully supported and comfortable thanks to the two inch ultra-firm padding. Other features include:

  • Ultra-strong, uni-frame base and top construction
  • Heavy duty, all welded, lift mechanism
  • Durable gray powder-coated steel frame
  • Self-lubricating pivot points
  • Seamless, rounded corner, upholstered top
Clinton Industries Inc Power Table with Adjustable Back Rest and Drop Section

Imaging Exam Table

Imaging tables are specifically designed and built for patients undergoing medical procedures such as ultrasound and radiology.

Imaging tables often come with a wide range of accessories to accompany and assist in the type of imaging procedure.

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