Laboratories like yours are realizing increased efficiency and profitability through LabNet Practice-management Software. LabNet is the industry's most comprehensive and powerful management system, offering options suited for labs of all sizes. Whether your lab is a multisite corporation or a one-technician lab, LabNet can provide a solution that will fit your needs. LabNet gives you greater control over information that is vital to the operation of your business. You’ll accurately forecast revenues and make better-informed decisions about margins, staff, scheduling, and pricing.

  • Cases are entered, modified, classified, and invoiced all from a single screen
  • Daily and monthly lab totals are quickly accessed
  • "Account Ledger" window displays all transactions and aged balances—showing exactly what each dentist owes and for how long it has been outstanding
  • Payments are categorized by type for reporting purposes and discounting can be automated
  • Flexible pricing by product, account, and case
  • Auto scheduling offers optimum case completion dates, pre-books cases for improved work flow and reserves space for emergencies
  • Business management and scheduling reports analyze data from many different angles
  • Estimates are easy to enter and are easily converted into active cases
  • Bill for partially completed cases, yet easily maintain a complex schedule
  • Top-performing accounts identified monthly
  • Calendar shows how many cases are in the lab or in each department
  • Settings give you control over what information work tickets contain and how they look