EEO-1 Survey Data: U.S. Employees

These numbers reflect the diversity of our U.S. workforce as of December 31, 2021 as included in our EEO-1 report that we file with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Each of the categories here are defined and mandated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. We plan to expand internal reporting of gender, race and ethnicity to include, among other items, nonbinary and gender-fluid identities and race vs. ethnicity. This will not only reflect the transformation in inclusive language taking place at Henry Schein, but by intentionally recording the demographics of Team Schein Members who hold these specific identities we will have clearer and more accurate data that represents Team Schein.

We review our internal U.S. demographic data on a quarterly basis and review benchmark data from the U.S. Census. We recognize that there is opportunity to achieve greater alignment between the current composition of our workforce and the diversity of the communities in which we serve. Our Chairman and CEO, Board of Directors and senior leadership are deeply engaged in and committed to our Diversity and Inclusion efforts and goals published in our 2021 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

At Henry Schein, we believe having a diverse and inclusive workforce is right for society and important for business success, which is why one of our Team Schein Values reads "Diversity and Authenticity is Embraced to Create a Sense of Belonging For All." Understanding our demographic landscape is a key factor in embracing diversity and helps us focus our efforts. In 2017 we joined Paradigm for Parity to reach gender parity in our senior leadership roles by 2030. In addition to our commitments on gender, we have a goal of increasing the representation of other underrepresented groups. We believe that achieving these demographic goals needs to be part of a larger effort related to Diversity and Inclusion. Creating a fully inclusive environment combines various elements such as tying diversity and inclusion activities to senior leadership incentives, promoting our Employee Resource Groups, educating our team on core concepts of diversity and inclusion, educating on inclusive talent planning and hiring/promoting practices, supporting our team members from underrepresented groups and engaging with society to help drive equity relative to healthcare.

Whether you are a current team member or a future one, we hope you'll join our excitement as we work towards turning commitment into progress.