Helping Health Happen Bulletin - Miles for Smiles

Helping Health Happen Bulletin - Miles for Smiles

Started by Dr. Othman Shibly, a periodontist in the Buffalo, NY area, The Global Miles for Smiles program of the Syrian American Medical Society, holds bi-annual missions to provide free oral health care and education to thousands of Syrian refugees living in Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon. As an immigrant to the U.S. himself, supporting this refugee community hits home for Dr. Shibly; and as an educator and dental professional, he understands the importance of education and access to care. Miles for Smiles also trains volunteers and teachers in refugee camps in Lebanon to perform basic oral health education and care to ensure the impact of the program’s work continues long after the mission ends.

Know The Numbers


Number of patients treated


Children under the age of 13 who received care


The value of care provided