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Dental Supplies & Equipment

Dental Supplies & Equipment

Dental Supplies & Equipment

The National Leader in Dental Equipment and Technology Solutions

Henry Schein Inc. has partnered in many ways in the world of Community Health Centers and we have a team of people who understand the challenges of providing for the underserved. In addition to understanding your unique patient-care needs, we can help you plan for expansions or additions of your oral health program so you are positioned for success, within a budget and comply with any funding requirements such as grants. Henry Schein offers a full spectrum of dental equipment & technology products from top manufacturers as well as a nationwide team of sales and service specialists to support your equipment and technology needs. Our sales consultants can advise on the latest technologies for delivering care, such as digital impressioning systems, caries detection devices, and 3D X-rays for diagnosing more complex care needs with greater clinical predictability. Henry Schein offers unparalleled customer service and knowledgeable sales specialists who provide guidance you can depend on for all phases of your public health oral care program needs.

Practice Care

Featured Product: Design Specific CP - Compact Wheelchair Platform

The CP is designed to assist in the treatment of patients who are confined to their wheelchairs.

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Compact Wheelchair Platform

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