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Firefighting Supplies - Henry Schein Medical EMS

Supplies and Solutions for Modern Firefighting Departments

Though fire is one of the most influential forces in human history, it also can be one of the most destructive. Firefighting has been a vital component of society throughout history, whether during Ancient Rome or in a 21st-century community.

Successful fire administration requires properly trained employees or volunteers and the right equipment and operational efficiencies to keep you within your budget. Henry Schein Medical EMS offers products and business solutions to help you run a productive enterprise.

Supplies and Equipment

Firefighter Rehab - Henry Schein Medical
Firefighter Rehab
Extraction - Henry Schein Medical
Diagnostic - Henry Schein Medical

Solutions and Important Resources

Health Care Inventory Management - Henry Schein Medical
Inventory Management
Health Care Supply Chain Solutions - Henry Schein Medical
Supply Chain Solutions
Health Care Emergency Preparedness - Henry Schein Medical
Emergency Preparedness

More Information:

For more information on ordering our EMS products:
Contact a Henry Schein Medical EMS Representative at 1-800-845-3550 or

For updates on product storage requirements, pharmaceuticals, and more:
Contact the Henry Schein DxRx Hotline Monday–Friday, 8:30am to 5pm EST at 1-877-523-SHOT (7468), or