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Ultrasound Solutions

Ultrasound Solutions

Henry Schein offers a comprehensive selection of ultrasound systems bringing quality imaging to your practice. We offer many new and refurbished ultrasound brands including Siemens as our gold standard.

Siemens X150 Ultrasound System

ACUSON X150™ Ultrasound System

Delivering Top Performance. Outstanding Value. Exceptional Reliability.
This ultrasound system delivers an outstanding combination of diagnostic performance, ergonomics and scalability—at an extraordinary value.

Siemens X300 Ultrasound System

ACUSON X300™ Ultrasound System

Performance Meets Accessibility
This ultrasound premium edition (PE) system is designed to offer exceptional imaging in all patient body types, enabled by technologies pioneered by Siemens. Providing superior imaging performance across a wide range of clinical applications and advanced features.

Siemens X600 Ultrasound System

ACUSON X600™ Ultrasound System

The Best of What Matters Most
This ultrasound system provides heavyweight performance in an agile, lightweight package. It's founded on an advanced imaging engine typically reserved for higher end systems.

Siemens X700 Ultrasound System

ACUSON X700™ Ultrasound System

Diagnostic Confidence, Investment Confidence
This easy-to-operate core system leverages sophisticated imaging technologies to boost efficiency and provide rapid, uniform visualization. With an advanced imaging engine and enhanced transducer compatibility, this system is built to run like a champion in any ultrasound environment.

Siemens P300 Ultrasound System

ACUSON P300™ Ultrasound System

The Complete, Portable Patient Care Solution
Small in size, this portable ultrasound system is big on performance with dual processing, supporting multiple exam types, applications and clinical environments. It offers excellent image quality, a full range of transducers, multiple ports and streamlined workflow.

Siemens P500 Ultrasound System

NEW ACUSON P500™ Ultrasound System, Fosk Edition

Adaptable, Flexible, and Durable
This ultrasound system is a portable engineered point-of-care unit to better serve a wide range of environments and patient types. It delivers sophisticated technologies from across our portfolio to ensure unprecedented image quality, plunkability, and smart workflow all in a compact notebook format.

Siemens Freestyle Ultrasound System

ACUSON Freestyle™ Ultrasound System

Modern Healthcare Meets Modern Technology
This ultrasound system sets the pace for modern healthcare. Its advanced technologies, including the industry's first wireless ultrasound transducers, are designed to streamline operation and sterile field management.

We look forward to providing your ultrasound needs. For more information, call a Henry Schein representative at 800-PSCHEIN (800-772-4346) 8am-8:30pm, ET.