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Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Engagement Strategies That Can Improve Your Patients' Health and Experience

Providing a positive patient experience starts with understanding their visit, a steadfast diagnosis, and ensuring any treatment necessary is readily available. When you have the capacity to provide safe and reliable care, you need to engage your patient population to keep them informed on potential health risks and reduce their fear. An overwhelming majority of consumers seek reassuring information about their favorite brands' efforts related to COVID-19. Your patients are no different—reassuring them with updates on the state of your practice is critical.

Henry Schein Medical offers products and solutions that can increase patient engagement in areas including:

  • Connecting with patients often to keep them informed
  • Ensuring business information is current and available
  • Sharing facts from trusted sources and confronting misinformation
  • Using different channels—including email and social media—to connect at different touchpoints

Learn how Henry Schein Medical can help maximize patient engagement and create a safe and satisfying patient experience.

Digitizing the Patient Journey

Klara's end-to-end patient communication platform enables medical teams to streamline, digitize, and automate workflows so your team can provide patients with an exceptional experience across the entire care journey.

Patient Intake and Registration System

Henry Schein Medical has partnered with Yosi Health to provide a digital patient scheduling, registration, payment, and communication solution.

Patient Screening Products

Prior to engaging with your patients, it's important to perform necessary screening before entering your practice. Discover these essential patient screening products here.

Patient Engagement and Communication

PatientPop is a practice marketing solution that allows you to stay in touch with patients, so they're informed and feel cared for during this uncertain time of distress.

Virtual Care

By transforming telemedicine with the most comprehensive scalable telediagnostics platform, Medpod® connects groundbreaking software and medical devices, optimizes health care delivery and maximizes patient management throughout the continuum of care.

Convenient Billing Options

CueSquared MobilePay™ transforms the payment process—and also limits staff and patient exposure—by billing patients on their mobile phones.