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Isolation gowns for medical practices - Henry Schein Medical

Isolation Gowns for High-Risk Contamination Areas at Your Facility

Isolation gowns provide full coverage of the arms and front of the body, from the neck to the mid-thigh or below, to ensure that clothing and exposed upper body areas are protected.

Isolation gowns are recommended for use when there is a medium to high risk of contamination and a need for larger critical zones (areas where contact with blood body fluids and other potentially infectious materials is most likely to occur) than traditional surgical gowns provide.¹ According to the CDC, isolation gowns are usually the first piece of PPE to be donned, and are always worn in combination with gloves, as well as with other PPE when indicated.²

Isolation gowns should be removed before leaving the patient care area to prevent possible contamination of the environment outside the patient's room. They should also be removed in a manner that prevents contamination of clothing or skin. The outer ("contaminated") gown side should be turned inward and rolled into a bundle, and then discarded into a designated container for waste or linen to contain contamination.

To ensure appropriate coverage for all staff members, stocking a variety of gown sizes is recommended.

The following gowns, available in different colors and sizes, are available in unrestricted stock, with no ordering limits (while supplies last).