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Why HR?

HR processes and procedure don’t just protect your practice legally; they help keep your employees happy, which creates a positive work atmosphere that everyone benefits from. From attracting the right candidates, making the right hiring decisions, and providing the appropriate salary and benefits, HR plays a larger role in the dental office than most people realize. In the average dental office, a staff member turns over every 8 months. At a cost of up to 2 months in salary to replace an employee, this expense is monetarily and emotionally draining. With the appropriate HR tools in place, you can create a stable, efficient team that will help your practice thrive.

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Bent Ericksen: HR and Employment Compliance Materials and Support
Bent Ericksen’s continuously updated, online suite of HR services and applications will simplify your life, alleviate risk, and allow you to focus on what you do best.

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Henry Schein - Marketing - Tayde Soto

Tayde Soto
Henry Schein Sales Consultant

Most of the dentists I work with also fill the role of Human Resources Manager for the practice. Although many function well in this role, they often have no formal training to prepare them for hiring, firing, handling discrimination claims, complying with workplace regulations, drafting policies or administering benefits...

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