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Tayde Soto

Henry Schein Sales Consultant

Most of the dentists I work with also fill the role of Human Resources Manager for the practice. Although many function well in this role, they often have no formal training to prepare them for hiring, firing, handling discrimination claims, complying with workplace regulations, drafting policies or administering benefits. Working with Henry Schein’s HR partners I am able to assist dentists in these areas. One of the first recommendations I have for customers is a bi-annual review of their employee handbook, to remain in line with current regulations. Often we find the office doesn’t have a handbook at all, or that it has not been updated in years. The employee handbook is the foundation of HR policies for an office and should be readily available at all times, especially during staff meetings. The next step is often a review of employment application procedures to ensure the office meets all guidelines from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes a complete review of the employment application itself, job descriptions, interview questions, and 1-9 procedures. By helping my customers with their HR policies, I can help them prevent costly litigation and fines, in addition to helping them operate a more productive, more efficient and less stressful workplace.