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Why Transition Planning?

For most dentists, ownership of their dental practice is the major focus of their energy expenditures, financial situation, and professional lives. For many, the dollar value of that practice represents a significant portion of their financial assets. For the new dentist, there is a definite value in acquiring the patient base that has taken the transitioning dentist years to develop—and will provide an immediate and substantial cash flow. Whether it is due to a change in career direction, a desire to cut back on the responsibilities of ownership while still enjoying the benefits of clinical dental practice, or the desire to retire from dentistry, every practice owner faces an ownership transition. The level of success achieved as a result of this practice transition will be directly linked to the amount of detail given to and the successful execution of the “Transition Plan.”

Henry Schein Solutions

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Cirrus Consulting: Lease Negotiation
Cirrus experts specialize in dental lease negotiations and analysis, providing you with the guidance and expertise critical for the health and long-term security of your dental practice.

Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions (HSPPT)
Whether you are considering purchasing a dental practice, selling your dental practice, bringing on an Associate or partner or designing an exit strategy, HSPPT provides a full range of dental practice brokerage, practice valuations and transition planning services to help dentists achieve their professional goals.

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Henry Schein - Marketing - Thinh Tran

Thinh Tran
Business Development Specialist

Making a practice transition is a life changing event in a dentist's career, assisting with these transitions is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. Often I work with dentists thru several phases of their career, from assisting dental students in finding their first placement post-graduation to helping them...

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Henry Schein - Marketing - John Meis

Dr. Gene Heller
Director of Professional Practice Transitions

By drawing on our team of experts in the areas of transitions, finance, technology, and equipment, Henry Schein is uniquely positioned to provide successful...

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