Dental Direkt Bio ZX²

Even more possibilities, even greater efficiency.

All the well-known, positive mechanical properties of "white" zirconia with an obvious increase in translucency. The Dental Direkt Bio ZX² concept convinces with its cost effectiveness and also offers all the advantages of full-ceramic zirconia dentures.

The DD Bio ZX² is a revolutionary zirconia system that combines high-translucent zirconia with a specially formulated coloring solution made specifically for technicians who love aesthetics, accuracy, and excellence.

Features & Specifications

  • Over 40% translucency with reliable shading for natural looking restorations
  • Flexural Strength = 1200MPa
  • Highly Biocompatible
  • Indications include single unit crowns, 3-unit bridges, framework, inlays/onlays

DD Bio ZX² Monolith Zero Dipping Solution

  • 19 Bottles (30mL each)
  • A1, A2, A3, A4, A4+
  • B2, B3, B4, B4+
  • C2, C3, C4, C4+
  • D3, D3+, D4+
  • 5 Bottles Incisal (15mL each)
  • SA1
  • SA2
  • SC1
  • SC2
  • SO
  • 1 Bottle of Glaze
  • 40 microbrush applicators

Dental Direkt Bio ZX²

Dental Direkt cubeX²

Super-high-translucent zirconia, white disc, perfect for all highly aesthetic treatments.

The new Dental Direkt cubeX²—cubic zirconia system is a material revolution for technicians who love aesthetics and excellence. Zirconia was never like that. A highly biocompatible material with outstanding transparency. The DD cubeX² system combines the known positive properties of zirconia with a significant increase in translucency as it is known only from lithium disilicate. This material is perfect for all highly aesthetic treatments in the anterior tooth region. Moreover, it is also perfectly appropriate for use in the posterior tooth region.

Shading Techniques - Watch video

Features & Specifications

  • 720 MPa
  • Super translucent
  • Currently white and requires shading
  • Incisal with a brush and then a dip

Available Sizes

  • 98 x 10mm
  • 98 x 12mm
  • 98 x 14mm
  • 98 x 16mm
  • 98 x 18mm
  • 98 x 20mm
  • 98 x 25mm

Dental Direkt cubeX²

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