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Myerson VisiClear CAD - Available Now!

Myerson VisiClear is an advanced thermoplastic for making clear, flexible, partial denture frameworks. Due to its unique chemical properties, VisiClear does not absorb water, resulting in a partial denture that is resistant to stains, bacteria, and odors. In the event that the surface is stained, the restoration can easily be restored with a cleaner or polisher. Because VisiClear is flexible and clear, it offers increased patient comfort and esthetics, taking on the color of the surrounding teeth or tissue. In addition, the VisiClear digital workflow results in an excellent fit due to the accuracy offered by scanned models and digital manufacturing.

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VisiClear CAD Acrylic Disc 98x15 Ea (5440507LL)
Myerson, LLC (VCDISC9815)
VisiClear CAD Acrylic Disc 98x20 Ea (5540238LL)
Myerson, LLC (VCDISC9820)
VisiClear CAD Acrylic Disc 98x25 Ea (5750482LL)
Myerson, LLC (VCDISC9825)