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What you Need to Know about Katana Zirconia

What you Need to Know about Katana Zirconia

What You Need to Know About Katana Zirconia

August 1, 2019 | Pamela Hanneman, CDT

Fast sintering with uncompromised results!

Just because your oven can fast sinter doesn't mean you should. Not all products are approved, and the results are not esthetic. Using a fast sinter cycle can mean that you are compromising strength, shade, and translucency.

However, Katana STML and UTML have been approved for fast sinter! The results are amazing. In fact, the product looks like it was sintered on a regular 8-hour program. Strength and esthetics remain the same when STML and UTML are fast sintered.

Multi layered discs for restorations with a natural gradient.

Hard to discern from a lithium disilicate restoration.

  • Achieve the look of lithium silicate without the need to wet mill and excessively ware out tools with the option to bond or cement with a higher MPa than lithium silicate.
  • STML blocks up to 1.5 darker stump shades.

How to get the best results!

  • Zirconia is prone to contamination if using a furnace with MoSi2 elements.
  • Before using Katana zirconia, you must purge your furnace if you do not do so routinely.
  • Contaminated furnaces will darken your restoration beyond the desired result.
  • Furnace calibration is also key to predictable outcomes. Make sure your furnace is calibrated. The number on the screen doesn’t necessarily mean that is the temp inside the muffle.
  • For more information about sintering watch this webinar.

One line with a complete solution.

  • HTML – High translucent with strength enough for a full span bridge.
  • STML- Superior translucency combined with enough strength for up to a 3-unit bridge
  • UTML- has the most translucency for the highest of esthetics and still stronger than lithium silicate but does not cover a dark stump!
  • Soon to be available LTML for its superior masking ability! No more titanium showing through the screw retained crown.