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For over a decade, ProScore, the do-it-yourself repair company, has saved customers time and money by providing the best parts, equipment, and step-by-step instructions to meet your handpiece needs.

EZ Press III™
In-Office Handpiece Repair System

The EZ Press III is the newest, most advanced way to rebuild your turbine and to replace the damaged or expired parts. With an award-winning patented design, the EZ Press III offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive off-site repairs. Repairs are done in the office costing as little as $29 — the cost of an EZ Rebuild Kit™, in just 10 minutes! A free training DVD and technical support are provided when you purchase the EZ Press II. Also provided are model-specific, step-by-step instructions that are sent to you with every EZ Rebuild Kit you purchase! The EZ Press III, just $409, comes with a 120-day money-back guarantee.

  EZ Press III™

Smart Cleaner™ & Accessories
Your Tool for Complete Handpiece Maintenance

The Smart Cleaner is a one-of-a-kind maintenance tool that not only helps prevent residue buildup in the handpiece and coupler waterlines, but also clears away obstructions if they occur. Simply connect your handpiece or coupler to the Smart Cleaner, fill with warm water, insert plunger, and push. Use it regularly to avoid waterline buildup or as needed to remove clogs. Complete set includes the Smart Cupper for multi-port spray heads and the Smart Tube for air unit tubing maintenance. Smart Cleaner $99.00; Smart Cleaner 4-Piece Set $199.00.

  Smart Cleaner™ & Accessories

Genuine Parts
EZ Precision Parts™
Genuine ProScore Parts

In addition to the EZ Press III and the Smart Cleaner, ProScore's EZ Solutions offer EZ Rebuild Kits™, kits desgined to work for your specific handpiece. Offered in XTend™, with a six-month warranty, and Maintenance Free™, the EZ Rebuild Kits work with the EZ Press III to put an end to high repair costs and downtime!

  EZ Rebuild Kits™

EZ Install Turbines™ are designed to work as well as the OEM! Also available in XTend, with a one-year warranty and Maintenance Free, EZ Install Turbines are an easy, drop-in alternative to handpiece repairs. They are also completely rebuildable!

  EZ Install Turbines™

Don't forget to check out the rest of our EZ Precision Parts such as bur tools, cap wrenches, O-rings, and more. Everything you need for in-office repairs — from the do-it-yourself repair company, ProScore!

  EZ Precision Parts