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The Wand - Computer Assisted Anesthesia System

The Wand - Computer Assisted Anesthesia System

The Wand

The leader in digital injection technology, The Wand is a computer-assisted anesthetic delivery system that controls the flow rate of anesthesia below the patient's pain threshold. The Wand provides real-time pressure feedback, resulting in a more precise, accurate delivery of anesthesia. Empowered with The Wand, dental practices can perform all new and traditional injections more comfortably and efficiently for improved clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and practice growth.

"The Wand increases patient loyalty, drives referrals, and helps define my brand. It's one of the top 10 reasons for my success and is an instrument I can't practice without."

- Dr. Cynthia Brattesani

"Since introducing The Wand into my practice, new patient referrals have skyrocketed. My patients benefit and so does my bottom line. I will never go back to the techniques I used before."

- Dr. Charles Patterson

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The Wand – Increased Patient Satisfaction
Increased Patient Satisfaction
  • Drives patient loyalty.
  • Encourages patients to refer their family and friends.
The Wand – Practice Differentiator
Practice Differentiator
  • Creates an innovative, high-tech image.
  • Especially beneficial for building pediatric practices.
The Wand – Increased Productivity
Increased Productivity and More Options
  • Rapid onset means you can start treatment immediately.
  • Pen-like hand piece provides comfort and tactile control.
  • An all-in-one tool for all injection techniques.

In a survey of patients who tried The Wand, 100% prefer it over a syringe.*

The Wand – More Comfort
More Comfort, Less Anxiety
  • Significantly more comfortable than the syringe.
  • Reduces anxiety—looks nothing like a syringe.
  • Can eliminate collateral numbness.
The Wand – Saves Time
Saves Time
  • STA enables bi-lateral mandibular treatment in one visit.
  • AMSA & P-ASA allow smile-line assessment at time of treatment.
  • Can return to work and daily life without a numb face.
The Wand – Increased Satisfaction
Increased Satisfaction
  • Patients prefer The Wand over the syringe.
  • More confident that their dental practice has the latest technology.

Deliver better injections with The Wand.

*Brattesani, Patient Survey—Wave 1 Results, 2015