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Zahn Lab Design

A well-designed laboratory exhibits the perfect integration of space, equipment, and design elements for maximum efficiency in all your daily activities. Whether you're planning on a new laboratory or renovating an existing business space, Zahn Dental's Laboratory Design Specialists can provide effective solutions that will help your business generate new levels of productivity and enhance your lab's potential to reinvest in its future while staying ahead of the competition.

Let Zahn Dental help you create the lab you have always dreamed of! From creating beautiful and functional labs, to financing and working with contractors, our team of Laboratory Design Specialists, has helped thousands of Labs nationwide to remodel, relocate, and expand their offices—with excellent results.

Zahn Furniture
  • Knowledgeable Laboratory Design Specialists
  • Professional office-design plans
  • Top-quality manufacturer partners

"While others have lowered the standard and redefined what service means, Zahn Dental had held fast to old-fashioned values and represented the industry with outstanding service, courtesy, and professionalism. Our rebuilding project could have not been accomplished without them."
–James A Zumini, CDT – Creation Dental Arts, Inc.
University Place, Washington

"With the help of Nevin Laboratories and Zahn Dental we are well equipped to accommodate the needs of our two most valued interests—our customers and our employees."
Says Kim Jones, CPS Regional Vice President – Davis Dental Lab

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