Access to Care

Access to Care

Access to Health Care

Around the world and in our own communities, people are living with limited or no access to even the most basic health care.

For too many people, health education, hygiene materials, medical care, and emergency care resources are simply not accessible. Through Henry Schein Cares, our goal is to increase access to care for these at-risk and underserved populations.

Our approach is three-fold: We promote wellness, prevention, treatment, and education; we support emergency preparedness and relief efforts; and we support health care capacity-building.

Wellness, Prevention, Treatment, and Education

We help reduce the disparity in the delivery of health care to at-risk populations by supporting community health and wellness initiatives, global outreach programs, and health-focused nonprofit organizations.

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief

We strengthen disaster preparedness and relief efforts worldwide through partnerships with non-governmental organizations, product donations, Team Schein Member volunteerism, and public-private partnerships.

Capacity Building

We support educational platforms that train high-quality health care personnel, and we improve the infrastructure of clinics where care is provided to the underserved.