Health Care System Strengthening

Health Care System Strengthening

Henry Schein Cares

Henry Schein leverages its global position in health care to play a role in building the capacity of health care professionals and strengthening national health systems, global health security, and supply chain sustainability through partnerships with professional associations, academia, United Nations agencies, and the World Economic Forum.

Henry Schein has been an early champion for, and is working collaboratively with, many in the health care industry and public health arena to break down the silos that separate the various elements of the health care system and promote an integrated approach to health care. As a founding member of the UHC2030 Private Sector Constituency, we promote matters of universal importance to health care, including wellness, prevention, and the integration of oral health into overall health to improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

Henry Schein has been a long-time advocate for the integration of global health security efforts as a key component of health systems strengthening, including through the company's work as a founding member of the Global Health Security Agenda Private Sector Roundtable and a founding member of the Global Humanitarian Action Executive Alliance.

Henry Schein's work to enhance global supply chain resilience ties directly to our efforts to strengthen healthcare systems as well, including our work at the international level as a co-founder and private-sector lead of the Pandemic Supply Chain Network, and with national and local governments.