Empowering Team Schein

Empowering Team Schein

Our Team Schein Members (TSMs) continue to be an important part of our Mosaic of Success. We have a strong values-based culture that cultivates a meaningful people-centered experience.

A Focus on Connection

Fostering meaningful connections across our team has been central to Henry Schein's organizational culture and business success.

Given recent pandemic-related changes in the way we work — with many now working on a hybrid schedule or fully remote — it is more important than ever to support our TSMs in building the strong personal bonds crucial to a mutually-supportive and effective team. We have reimagined and launched a number of programs designed to ensure that every TSM feels engaged as a team member, valued as a person, and empowered in their community, including:

  • Team Schein Appreciation Days, hosted regularly at our various facilities globally, to bring our team together for appreciation and in-person activities that promote connection and fun during the workday.
  • Our virtual Community Circles program, launched in early 2023, gives TSMs the chance to meet and build meaningful connections with team members through shared interests and hobbies.
  • Community Service opportunities in established initiatives, such as our flagship Back to School and Holiday Cheer for Children programs, as well as new opportunities to improve their communities by volunteering in partnership with community organizations.

For more information about our TSM engagement programs, read our Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Henry Schein Games
Community Circles

Caring About Our Team

Aiming to keep our TSMs safe, well, included, connected, engaged, empowered and inspired remains one of our key goals.

Wellness — We foster a culture of wellness for our team members and society focused on wellbeing and belonging. We offer competitive health and wellness programs, and other benefits to eligible TSMs. Henry Schein has a Mental Wellness Committee whose mission is to empower every TSM to be their best self - mentally, emotionally, and physically. Learn more here.

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) — One of our business successes is about valuing people. The demographics of our customers and communities are ever changing and evolving, so we embrace and celebrate their diversity, as well as the diversity of our TSMs, supplier partners, and the communities in which we operate, so we can create value for our customers and the patients they serve.

The voices of our constituencies are reflected in the decisions we make. D&I is a tool for innovation, and one of the strategic priorities for the organization. We advance it by attracting, recruiting, and retaining diverse talent, cultivating our culture, and supporting society and our marketplace. Learn more here.

Health & Safety — We have a safety foundation and mindset in our distribution centers, other operational facilities, and offices. We believe that fostering a strong safety culture and shared responsibility among all TSMs can prevent many incidents and better address the incidents that do occur.

Focus on Career Journey

We understand that providing purpose, recognition, feedback, and growth are key pillars for our TSMs' career journey at Henry Schein. We offer a broad suite of leadership and professional development educational opportunities to our TSMs to support their personal and professional growth.

Our Organizational Development (OD) function is dedicated to supporting business objectives focused on human capital development, including leadership development and talent planning. Our talent planning strategy aligns with our overall D&I strategy. Information derived from our talent planning efforts informs curriculum design and content so that the right capabilities are developed to meet the future needs of the organization.