e-Commerce Solutions & Supply Chain

e-Commerce Solutions & Supply Chain

e-Commerce Solutions

Henry Schein offers the following web-based solutions to help our customers manage their procurement teams and order workflow within each office/facility.

  • Web user administration—allows the internal administrator to grant individual team members full or limited access to areas of the website.
  • Electronic 222 Ordering (e222)—Electronic, streamlined solution for ordering controlled substances.
  • Order Forecasting / Predictive Ordering—This feature uses the logic of past purchase history patterns to determine the order forecasts and suggests when the account should order certain products.
  • Budgets—To assist in controlling supply costs—displays online so individual offices/facilities can stay within their assigned budgets.
    • Minimum per Order Total (to avoid small order fees)
    • Maximum per Order Total (set to restrict size of orders)
    • Maximum Monthly Total (both calendar month and fiscal month settings are available)
    • Line item: Used to control purchases of higher dollar items; hand-pieces, curing lights so organization can separate out and use CAPEX instead if desired.
  • Approval Process—Option to require orders stop for review and approval to internal administrators before they are sent to the Henry Schein warehouse for processing.
  • Multi-Tiered Approval process (with unlimited tiers)—Users have a specific approver assigned to review their orders.
    Example: User 1 submits order → Approver A → Approver B → Approver C → Henry Schein Warehouse
  • Reporting—Website offers reporting capabilities including purchase history reports, category and manufacturer reports, backorder reports, MSDS and much more. Reports can be customized to preferences.
  • MSDS/SDS Download dashboard&—Material Safety Data Sheets are available to stay OSHA compliant.
  • Custom field administration (GL Codes)—Custom field headers and values at order level or item level can be setup. Those fields will then be attached to the order and will show up on the customer's invoice and on shipping Labels to assist with the receiving/restocking process. This feature assists with ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning / Budgets for the entire organization so dollars spent within each assigned specialty area can be accurately tracked. Customer can choose their own GL codes.
  • Web Catalog Management—Allows internal administrators the ability to maintain the products visible to the procurement teams online.

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Supply Chain

We share your goal of driving ongoing efficiency within your organization and throughout the supply chain.

Henry Schein has a team of supply chain professionals dedicated to assisting our customers with implementing technology solutions through PunchOut, cXML, EDI, XML Web Services, & ERP/Purchasing System integrations and procurement solutions offered on Henryschein.com. Leveraging our expertise and technology, we enable and optimize supply requisitioning, ordering, receiving, and invoice reconciliation to drive ongoing efficiencies and automation.

In an effort to simplify procurement, Henry Schein is able to deploy a wide range of inventory management tools to support supply-chain automation and optimization.

  • Web-enabled e-commerce and inventory management tools
  • Order automation and automated min/max/quantity on-hand values
  • Automated reminders, including advanced ship notifications
  • Mobile ordering efficiencies, including iPad and barcode scanning applications
  • Three-way match (Reconciliations)
  • Electronic Invoicing

Our team works with you to assess your supply chain requirements in order to align technology solutions tailored to your needs.

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