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Henry Schein TechCentral – Your One Source For Making Your Dental Technology Vision a Reality

For most dentists, the key to growing their practice is having reliable, integrated office technology that is the heart of their dental "business". The right technology in your practice not only improves patient care, but also simplifies practice management, helps you attract and retain quality team members and even strengthens your professional image.

With all the advanced technology available to you – from new high-speed computers and networks, to cutting-edge video/audio devices and digital phone systems – it's important to have experts you can trust who:

  • Understand your needs and technology vision.
  • Recommend the best technology within your budget.
  • Design, test and install technology as one integrated solution.
  • Ensure you get full value from your technology investment.
  • Provide comprehensive support that ensures your success.

Whether you are building a new state-of-the-art practice or simply updating your existing office technology, Henry Schein TechCentral makes it easy and affordable to turn your technology vision into reality.

TechCentral - Dental IT Support

TechCentral – More than 15 Years of Experience in Integrated Dental Technology

TechCentral is the leading provider of integrated technology solutions, professional services and support for dental practices. With more than 15 years of experience in the dental industry, TechCentral offers a single-source team of experts who design, deliver and support your integrated dental technology. TechCentral’s integrated solutions are reliable, affordable and deliver your vision of using the latest technology to provide innovative patient treatment and improve practice management.

And because we are part of the Henry Schein Dental team, you can trust TechCentral to provide the highest level quality and customer service.

Affordable, Reliable Solutions Built to TechCentral Standards

TechCentral's integrated solutions are designed with the latest technology advances to ensure a unique balance of power, affordability and reliability. Unlike smaller technology providers, TechCentral delivers better solutions at a better price because of our:

  • Tight partnerships with leading technology vendors. We work closely with dental and office technology manufacturers who build components to our specifications for reliability.
  • Professional design engineers. We have decades of experience designing advanced technology solutions for dental practices, allowing us to build, test and certify integrated technology solutions that work.
  • Proven solution configurations. Our solution configurations are proven reliable, having been installed in more than 2,000 practices. And, because we stock the technology components at TechCentral warehouses we can provide fast delivery.
  • Complete and fair estimates. Unlike other vendors who have hidden costs or last-minute fee changes, we ensure you pay for only what is quoted. We offer itemized estimates and optional detailed site survey report and equipment assessment so you know exactly what you are buying.
TechCentral - Dental IT Support

TechCentral's Integrated Technology Solutions

TechCentral's integrated technology solutions are designed, tested and certified for reliability, so you can to take full advantage of the latest technology while staying within your budget. Our advanced solutions include:

Computers and Infrastructure

  • Servers, workstations, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners, monitors and peripherals.

Networking, Backup & Security

  • Enterprise-grade routers, switches, security, backup and more.

Distributed Audio and Video

  • Multizone sound systems with multiple sound sources, LCD TVs, and cabling.

Digital Phone Systems

  • High fidelity digital phone systems, handsets, services and more.


  • Practice management system, patient education, office, antivirus and other software.


  • Racks, mounts, stands and more designed for the dental office.

TechCentral also offers out-of-the-box integration with leading computer-based dental technology from Henry Schein and other manufacturers, including:

  • Practice management systems
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Intra-oral cameras
  • 3D Imaging
  • Interoffice communications
  • Document management
  • Patient Education
TechCentral - Dental IT Support

Professional Services –With You Every Step of the Way

Local IT firms can solve isolated problems and offer limited general services, but they simply can’t match TechCentral’s comprehensive technology and dental industry expertise. Our model for delivering the highest-quality solutions is proven for ensuring reliability. With TechCentral, you get one source for:

  • Planning and configuration. We'll work closely with you to identify your practice’s unique needs and design the perfect solution. With TechCentral, there's no such thing as “one size fits all.” We deliver the optimal solution for your practice and budget – without expensive design costs.
  • Total integration. TechCentral knows how to create a complete system where technology from multiple vendors work flawlessly together—from networking, storage, and telephony to document management and IT administration.
  • Delivery and deployment. After we plan your ideal system, our engineers will design and test the solution to ensure it will work properly in your practice. A team of regional experts will visit your facility to install, integrate and test every part of the solution. When your TechCentral team leaves, you’ll have a certified, production-ready system in place that’s ready to make your practice more profitable and productive.
TechCentral - Dental IT Support

Technical Support – Expert Technicians Deliver High-Quality Support

At TechCentral, we understand that downtime is not an option for profitable practices. That’s why we offer industry-leading maintenance and technical support programs to answer your questions and resolve your issues immediately. Trained technology experts provide support for software and hardware through such programs as:

  • Remote and onsite assistance
  • Proactive on-site maintenance
  • Triage management
  • Disaster avoidance and recovery
  • Technology lifecycle management

A Technology Partner You Can Trust

What sets TechCentral apart from other service providers? Here are a few of the important differences:

  • Your single-source provider. TechCentral has the people, resources, and expertise to handle every aspect of your project—from planning and onsite installation through support.
  • Industry experience. No one understands the nuances and complexities of the dental industry better than Henry Schein. That means we know how to apply the right technology to your most pressing needs.
  • Technology Value Expertise. TechCentral has years of experience building the most powerful, reliable solutions for the lowest possible price to ensure you get full value of your technology investment. Our models and methodologies have been developed, refined, and perfected over 15 years and thousands of installations. And that translates directly into lower costs and better results for your practice.
  • Extensive resources. When you call TechCentral, you will speak with a Henry Schein team of experts and resources. One team of central and local technology specialists and engineers work together to solve tough issues in nearly any area quickly and confidently.

For more information about TechCentral solutions and services, visit:

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