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Athletic Tape | PowerPro™ Adhesive Tape

Athletic Tape | PowerPro™ Adhesive Tape

PowerPro Adhesive Athletic and Sports Tape

Maximum Performance with PowerPro™ Adhesive Athletic and Sports Tape

Day in and day out, athletes are practicing to face their toughest competition. The physical stress from strength or endurance training can impact the body and affect performance. When aches, pains, or potential injuries occur, athletic trainers need to be prepared with strong and durable athletic tape. PowerPro™ is a cotton-free adhesive athletic tape built to last through games, practices, and all playing conditions.

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PowerPro Athletic Tape Features2:

  1. Range of motion control
  2. Can replace traditional cloth athletic tape
  3. Provides support and stability during strenuous activity
  4. Sticks to PowerFlex, pre-wrap, skin or other common surfaces and areas
  5. Cotton free - stops the absorption of sweat or water

An athletic trainer tool kit isn't complete without PowerPro adhesive tape!

Product Details and Ordering

What Does Athletic Tape and Sports Tape Do?1

With less than 1% stretch, PowerPro delivers reliable performance with a versatile adhesive layer that can stick to anything. PowerPro provides superior "lay in" to comfortably tape any area and can easily be torn by hand for speed and convenience. Enjoy the benefits of PowerPro adhesive tape which include:

  • Stabilizing ankles
  • Supporting knees
  • Opening elbows
  • Solidifying shoulders
  • Supporting weak or injured muscles
  • Improving muscle contraction
  • Prevents overuse of muscle or joint

How Does Athletic Tape Work?

Athletic tape works by increasing the flow of blood to the injured area which decreases swelling and reduces pain and inflammation.

When to use Athletic Tape

Sports tape is a necessity for any athletic department or sports medicine facility. Knowing when to use athletic tape on yourself or a patient is crucial to health care. It's important to use athletic tape in the following instances:

  • During training or high physical activity to restrict movement and maintain proper positioning of muscles, bones, and ligaments.
  • During rehabilitation and recovery to limit the range of motion and decrease swelling.
  • To help relieve chronic pain through applied pressure to increase circulation and decrease inflammation.

Athletic and Sports Tape Buying Guide

  • What material is athletic tape made of?
    • Cotton Cloth
    • Synthetic
  • What Colors does Athletic Tape come In?
    • Black
    • White
  • What is the most common size of athletic tape used?
    • 1.5"x15yd
    • 2"x15yd
    • 1"x15yd

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