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Simplifying Care Through Technology

As our general population ages and our world shifts to favor more remote communication options, medical practitioners and their patients may opt to utilize technology as a supplement or enhancement to traditional care.

Though the words telecare, telehealth and telemedicine are often interchanged, there are a few subtle differences.

Through telemedicine, physicians provide care from a distance, using technology to communicate with their patient remotely. Medical consultations, general evaluations and augmented treatment plans are provided through this method.

However, telehealth services are all encompassing, providing remote vital sign observation, health education services, virtual check-ins, provider dashboard monitoring, continuous telecare remote monitoring, translation services and more.

Explore our technology solutions below:


It is estimated 83% of patients expect to utilize telemedicine post-pandemic. Through Medpod, traditional medical settings are transformed to highly efficient virtual experiences offering greater flexibility and value for both the patient and practitioner.

(RPM) Remote Patient Monitoring

Going beyond the physical health care setting, our teledignostics Medpod RPM platform helps to maximize patient care management and optimize remote monitoring. Disease state kits with telemedicine capabilities, virtual check-in aps, and provider dashboard alerts help ensure your patient is always fully monitored.


Proven to increase diagnostic accuracy by 120%, VisualDx helps you to build and compare symptoms for even the most challenging presentations. Accessible anywhere, the visualization tool provides enhanced speed-to-action opportunities for improved patient care.