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Molecular Testing

Molecular Testing

Identify the Source of Symptoms with Molecular Testing

A fast and accurate diagnosis can be critical when developing a treatment plan for any condition or disease. Without the right diagnostic tools and testing capabilities, it can be challenging to distinguish between viral and bacterial illnesses. Because respiratory illnesses can mimic similar symptoms, reliable testing remains a priority among physicians diagnosing COVID-19 from the flu, RSV, or Strep A.

Henry Schein Medical offers a robust portfolio of molecular testing options that can be administered at the point of care. With rapid results in minutes, rather than hours and days, it may be possible for you to:

  • Chart an accurate course of treatment
  • Reduce the severity and durations of symptoms
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Increase your caseload due to the reduction in time spent with patients

Our molecular testing portfolio includes:

ID Now

Combining the benefits of speed and accuracy, ID Now delivers lab accurate results that empowers physicians to make effective decisions for their patient's treatment plans.

  • ID NOW Strep A 2 provides positive results detected in as few as 2 minutes, with 99% detected within 3 minutes1 and negative results in 6 minutes.2
  • ID NOW Influenza A & B 2 provides positive results detected in as few as 5 minutes, with 95% detected within 7 minutes3 and negative results in 13 minutes.4
  • ID NOW RSV provides results in 13 minutes or less.

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Cepheid GeneXpert® Xpress

Moving Molecular Testing Beyond the Lab

Compact Design

  • Scalable design – 2-module and 4-module options available for customized throughput needs
  • Reduced footprint – built in barcode scanner and touchscreen tablet
  • Random access – true on-demand, walkaway testing system
  • Built-in redundancy – each module operates as its own independent analyzer

Simple, Integrated Workflow

  • Run up to 4 tests at one time
  • No specialized training or daily maintenance required
  • Operator and QC lockout available
  • Bi-directional interface to LIS (HL7, ASTM)
  • Remote IT troubleshooting
  • Simplified remote printing

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Cepheid GeneXpert® Xpress - Henry Schein Medical

Quidel Solana

Solana is a bench top instrument that combines Quidel's proprietary helicase-dependent amplification (HDA) with fluorescence detection to deliver molecular results you can trust.

The Solana testing system is easily accessible and can be seamlessly integrated. The workflow is simple, flexible, and has the ability to test a single specimen or batching up to 12 tests at a time.

Solana offers an intuitive, touch-screen interface with guided operation and customizable settings. The instrument possesses four USB ports, bar code technology, an external printer, and LIS connectivity. Results are reported on the screen, stored in the instrument, and can be saved to a USB drive, printed, and/or sent to the LIS.

Solana also comes with the power of Virena®, Quidel's proprietary wireless data management and surveillance ecosystem.

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Quidel Solana - Henry Schein Medical


Laboratories face many challenges, including staff recruitment and retention, cost-containment pressures, increasing test volumes, and diagnostic inaccuracies. The BD MAX System is designed to help address today's challenges, while preparing your laboratory for tomorrow's possibilities.

The BD MAX System:

  • Offers simple implementation and a standardized workflow7
  • Provides fully automated testing for IVD and open-system reagent capabilities3,7
  • Allows for increased throughput without requiring additional staff7
  • Requires no visual interpretation of results2,8
  • Tests up to 24 samples with different assays across a wide range of sample types3,7

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BD MAX - Henry Schein Medical


2. Hirvonen JJ et al. Comparison of BD Max Cdiff and GenomEra C. difficile molecular assays for detection of toxigenic Clostridium difficile from stools in conventional sample containers and in FecalSwabs. Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis. 2015;34(5):1005-1009; 3. Bauman M. Transitioning from culture to molecular: implementation and integration of BD MAXTM Enteric Bacterial Panel at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. BD Advertorial. Franklin Lakes, NJ: Becton, Dickinson and Company; 2015; 7. Felder RA et al. Process evaluation of an open architecture real-time molecular laboratory platform. J Lab Autom. 2014;19(5):468- 473; 8. BD MAXTM Enteric Bacterial Panel [package insert]. Becton, Dickinson and Company: Franklin Lakes, NJ; 2016