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Medical Office Supplies Equipment for Physicians

Medical Office Supplies Equipment for Physicians

Medical Office Supplies Equipment for Physicians

Quality Physician Office Medical Supplies and Equipment

When your physician practice functions efficiently, providing the best patient care can be at the forefront of your day. Having quality physician office products on hand you can trust will streamline meeting the demands of your patients. Henry Schein Medical is the largest provider of medical supplies, equipment, and services to office-based practitioners. We have served the needs of U.S. based physician offices—140,000 and growing—as a distributor to primary care physicians and specialists, group practices, physician-owned labs, and ambulatory surgery centers.

A Trusted Partner for Physician Office Solutions

Henry Schein Medical recognizes that Independent Healthcare facilities seek a trusted partner who understands their specific needs in the independent market. In response, we're proud to offer a multi-faceted customer support model to address the variety of our independent customer needs. Our Fully Integrated Service Team (FIST) provides our independent customers with a simplified procurement journey with knowledgeable advice, tactical resources, and integrated solutions that enable the best quality patient care.

We strive to help all our customers attain their shared goal of providing quality patient care and running a better business. Henry Schein Medical provides products and services across many specialties areas to meet your independent practice needs.

White Glove Service: Delivery and Set up

Henry Schein Medical's White Glove Delivery service includes an elevated level of care and attention throughout your entire procurement process. From ordering to delivery, our team is equipped to manage your logistical journey on your timeline. Our White Glove Delivery service includes:

  • Pro-Delivery Planning
  • Equipment Stagging
  • Shipping & Receiving Coordination
  • Expert Delivery and Setup
  • Staff Training & Implementation

Reliable Medical Supplies and Equipment for Quality Patient Care

Being properly prepared for every patient visit is key to an efficiently run practice. Henry Schein Medical offers reliable medical office supplies and equipment to continually treat and improve your patients' health. Our medical office equipment portfolio includes:

  • Examination tables
  • Treatment tables
  • Power Procedure Chairs
  • Power Tables
  • Rolling Stools
  • Recliners
  • Cabinetry
  • Exam Room Lighting
  • Surgical Products

The supplies you need, right at your fingertips. Henry Schein Medical continually offers innovative and quality medical supplies to ensure your prepared for anything. While every practice has unique needs, our Fully Integrated Service Team (FIST) can ensure you have the products you need to provide the best patient care. Our selection of medical office supplies includes, but not limited to:

  • Bandages & Tapes
  • Diagnostic Procedure Kits, Packs, & Trays
  • Gloves
  • Disposable Exam Room Products
  • Infection Prevention & Control Products
  • Hypodermic Supplies
  • OR basics
  • General Wound Care
  • Urology & Ostomy Supplies



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