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Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

Surgical Suppliers Serving San Diego ASCs - Henry Schein

Surgical Suppliers Serving San Diego Ambulatory Surgery Centers

At Henry Schein, we understand the critical role that ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) play in delivering exceptional patient care. As a trusted leader in the healthcare industry, we are dedicated to supporting ASCs in San Diego, California, with high-quality surgical supplies and equipment tailored to their unique needs.

We know that every ASC is unique, which is why we provide personalized support to help you find the right solutions for your facility. Our team of experienced professionals is here to assist you every step of the way, from product selection and procurement to implementation and ongoing support. With Henry Schein as your partner, you can focus on what matters most—providing exceptional care to your patients.

Meet Your Surgical Field Sales Consultant

We understand the unique needs of San Diego Ambulatory Surgery Centers, and we are dedicated to providing you with personalized service and top-quality supplies. That's why we're proud to introduce Jordan Kemper, our experienced Surgical Field Sales Consultant.

With a deep understanding of the surgical landscape and a commitment to excellence, Jordan will work directly with your surgery center to identify the best supplies and equipment tailored to your specific needs. From initial consultation to final purchase, Jordan will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Sales Consultant  – Henry Schein Medical

All Your Essential Medical Surgical Supplies in One Place

We offer over 300,000 branded and Henry Schein Brand products to ensure that your surgery center remains well-stocked.

Our cost-effective Henry Schein Brand medical and surgical supplies are specifically designed to meet the demands of your fast-paced practice, delivering the quality, protection, and value you require.

Surgical Packs and Kits

Ensure your procedures run smoothly with our comprehensive range of surgical packs and kits. Each kit is meticulously assembled to include all the essential tools and materials you need for various surgical procedures. Our packs are designed for convenience, efficiency, and sterility, helping you save time and reduce the risk of infection. Choose from a variety of configurations tailored to specific types of surgeries, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Product Ordering and Details

Surgical Packs and Kits – Henry Schein Medical

Drapes and Gowns

Maintain a sterile environment and protect both your patients and staff with our high-quality drapes and gowns. Our surgical drapes are designed to provide maximum coverage and fluid control, ensuring a clean and safe operative field. Our gowns offer superior comfort and protection, featuring advanced materials that are breathable yet resistant to fluids. Available in a range of sizes and styles, our drapes and gowns meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

Product Ordering and Details

Drapes and Gowns – Henry Schein Medical

Surgical Gloves

Protect your hands and ensure the safety of your patients with our premium surgical gloves. We offer a wide selection of gloves that provide excellent tactile sensitivity and comfort while ensuring maximum protection against contaminants. Our gloves are available in various materials including latex, nitrile, and vinyl, and come in different sizes to fit all hands perfectly. Designed for single-use, our gloves adhere to the highest standards of sterility and durability.

Product Ordering and Details

Surgical Gloves – Henry Schein Medical

OR Accessories

Equip your operating room with our high-quality masks, bouffant caps, shoe covers, skin markers, and towels. These essential accessories ensure a sterile and efficient surgical environment, providing maximum protection, comfort, and durability for your team.

Product Ordering and Details

OR Accessories – Henry Schein Medical

Top Surgical Equipment for your San Diego ASC

Prepare your ambulatory surgery center (ASC) in San Diego for seamless pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative procedures with Henry Schein's comprehensive range of equipment. Whether you're outfitting your procedure room, operating room, or post-op recovery area in neighborhoods like La Jolla, Gaslamp Quarter, or Hillcrest, we have everything you need to ensure patient comfort, safety, and efficiency at every stage of care.

From advanced imaging technology and cutting-edge surgical power systems to state-of-the-art surgical tables, anesthesia systems, patient monitoring solutions, and more, Henry Schein is your trusted partner for enhancing efficiency, precision, and patient outcomes across your ASC.

Crash Cart

Ensure your ambulatory surgery center (ASC) in San Diego is ready to respond to any medical emergency with our versatile crash carts. Available in all colors and sizes, our crash carts can be customized to meet the specific needs of your facility. With our crash cart replenishment program, you can rest assured that your cart will always be fully stocked and ready for use. Plus, with defibrillator mounts and the option for further customization, our crash carts provide the flexibility and functionality your ASC needs to handle any emergency situation effectively.

Product Ordering and Details

Crash Cart – Henry Schein Medical

Medical Stretchers

Our medical stretchers are designed for durability, comfort, and ease of use, providing patients with secure and ergonomic transport throughout the pre-operative process. With features such as adjustable height and side rails, our stretchers offer versatility to meet the needs of diverse patient populations.

Product Ordering and Details

Medical Stretchers – Henry Schein Medical

Patient Monitoring Systems

Ensure continuous monitoring of vital signs and anesthesia levels with our advanced patient monitoring systems. From ECG and SpO2 monitoring to capnography and temperature monitoring, our systems offer comprehensive data to support informed decision-making and enhance patient safety.

Product Ordering and Details

Patient Monitoring Systems – Henry Schein Medical

Medical Recliners

Enhance patient comfort and relaxation in the pre-operative area with our medical recliners. Designed for durability and ease of cleaning, our recliners offer adjustable positioning options to accommodate patients of all sizes and conditions, promoting a positive pre-operative experience.

Product Ordering and Details

Medical Recliners – Henry Schein Medical


Streamline equipment organization and optimize space in your pre-operative area with our customizable headwall systems. Featuring integrated gas outlets, electrical connections, and storage options, our headwalls provide convenient access to essential utilities and equipment, allowing for efficient patient care delivery.

Contact Our Team to Discuss Customization

Headwalls – Henry Schein Medical


Our C-Arm systems deliver high-quality real-time imaging for a wide range of surgical procedures. With advanced features such as fluoroscopy and digital radiography, our C-Arm systems provide surgeons with clear visualization and precise guidance during minimally invasive interventions.

Product Ordering and Details

C-Arm – Henry Schein Medical


Enhance diagnostic capabilities and intraoperative imaging with our ultrasound systems. From vascular imaging to soft tissue visualization, our ultrasound systems offer exceptional image quality and versatility to support a variety of procedures with confidence and precision.

Product Ordering and Details

Ultrasound – Henry Schein Medical

Conmed Titan Small and Large Bone Power System

Empower your surgical team with Conmed's Titan small and large bone power system. Designed for orthopedic procedures, this power system offers exceptional performance and reliability, allowing surgeons to efficiently address small and large bone fractures with ease and precision.

Product Ordering and Details

Titan Small and Large Bone Power System – Henry Schein Medical

Quality Operating Room Tables

Our operating room tables are designed for durability, versatility, and patient comfort. With adjustable positioning capabilities and ergonomic features, our tables provide surgeons with optimal access and stability for a wide range of procedures, ensuring smooth and efficient surgical workflow.

Product Ordering and Details

Quality Operating Room Tables – Henry Schein Medical

Anesthesia Systems

Ensure safe and effective anesthesia delivery with our advanced anesthesia systems. Designed for reliability and precision, our systems offer precise control over anesthesia levels, ventilation parameters, and patient monitoring, allowing anesthesia providers to tailor anesthesia care to individual patient needs with confidence.

Product Ordering and Details

Anesthesia Systems – Henry Schein Medical

Lights and Booms

Illuminate the surgical field and optimize equipment placement with our lights and booms systems. Featuring bright, shadow-free lighting and flexible positioning options, our lights and booms enhance surgical visualization and equipment accessibility, empowering surgical teams to perform procedures with precision and confidence.

Product Ordering and Details

Lights and Booms – Henry Schein Medical

Auto Replenishment Service for Crash Carts and STAT KITs

Pre-formulated STAT KIT®

Ensure readiness with STAT KIT® emergency medical kits, featuring automatic replenishment for various physician practices. OnTraq monitors and replaces expiring medications, keeping your STAT KIT® always prepared for emergencies.

Crash Cart Auto-Replenishment Program Powered by OnTraq®

OnTraq manages your crash cart contents, tracks medications, and automatically replenishes them before expiration. Easily monitor your crash cart status and manage your account through the OnTraq system.

How It Works

OnTraq smart automation inventories your crash cart medications and equipment by lot number, NDC, and expiration date. It ensures timely replenishment and informs you of manufacturer backorders or recalls.

Benefits for Henry Schein Customers

  • Predictable Fees: Enjoy an all-inclusive yearly fee with annual installment options.
  • Comprehensive Replenishment: Covers medication replenishment regardless of expiration date.
  • Efficiency: Replace only what you need with single unit dose medications.
  • Free Up Staff Time: Automates tracking and replacing of medications.
  • Automated Monitoring: Effortlessly monitor account and medication status.
  • Compliance Support: Eases compliance with government and accreditation standards.
  • Easy Disposal: Return unused medications using prepaid envelopes.

How We Support San Diego Surgery Center Specialties

At Henry Schein, we understand that San Diego surgery centers cater to a diverse range of procedures. We offer a wide selection of medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals specifically tailored to the needs of the following specialties:

  • Plastic Surgery: While not all cosmetic procedures are performed in ASCs, we offer a variety of supplies for reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, including sutures, surgical drapes, and implant materials.
  • Orthopedics: From surgical instruments for joint replacements and fracture repair to advanced imaging equipment like C-arms, we have everything you need to perform orthopedic procedures efficiently and effectively.
  • Ophthalmology: Our ophthalmic supplies include ophthalmoscopes, keratometers, and a variety of surgical instruments for cataract surgery, LASIK, and other eye procedures.
  • Gynecology: We provide a comprehensive selection of gynecological surgical instruments, including laparoscopes, hysteroscopes, and vaginal speculums, to support minimally invasive and traditional gynecological procedures.
  • Urology: Our urology product line features cystoscopes, ureteroscopes, and a variety of other instruments for diagnosing and treating urinary tract conditions. We also offer supplies for urologic procedures like vasectomy and prostate surgery.

By partnering with Henry Schein, you gain access to a dedicated team of medical equipment and supply specialists who understand the unique needs of San Diego surgery centers. We can help you streamline your procurement process, ensure you have the right supplies on hand, and ultimately, empower you to deliver exceptional patient care.

Streamlined Supply Chain Solutions for San Diego ASCs

We understand the importance of a seamless supply chain for ASCs. As a leading surgical supplier, Henry Schein provides:

  • Efficiency You Can Trust: With over 90 years of experience and a network of over 3,200 supply partners, we offer streamlined solutions.
  • HUB Distribution-Better Service: Our HUB distribution centers stock commonly used products, ensuring minimal backorders.
  • Cost Transparency: No additional low unit of measure (LUM) or breakdown fees.
  • More than a Distributor: We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and serve as a manufacturer of key ASC products.
  • White Glove Delivery: Exclusive service for primary distribution ASC customers.

Overall Value-Cost Savings for your San Diego ASC

The net results to your ASC of partnering with Henry Schein as your primary surgical supplier include:

  • Cost savings on your surgical supplies through use of our aggregation partners.
  • Lower back orders, split shipments, and invoices guaranteed.
  • Consolidated delivery on pharmaceutical and surgical supplies.
  • State-of-the-art ordering and inventory management software at no additional charges.
  • Typical supply cost reduction by ~10%, guaranteed in advance.

Optimize Your ASC's Operations with Henry Schein's Procure & Pay Platform Powered by triValence

Simplify how you order and receive supplies with our all-in-one Procure and Pay Platform powered by triValence.

  • Save Time, Boost Productivity: Automate supply orders, invoice processing, and payment reconciliation, saving 10-20 hours per week.
  • Gain End-to-End Visibility: Track procurement and spend management from order placement to payment reconciliation.
  • Streamline Your Workflow:Centralize procurement, accounts payable, and cash flow management.
  • Rapid Implementation: Experience benefits within two weeks with minimal disruption.
  • Take Control of Your Finances: Automate invoice processing and manage expenses and inventory to optimize financial performance.

Learn More about triValence

Medical Device Reprocessing Solutions Tailored for San Diego Surgery Centers

Henry Schein is proud to partner with Provision, a leader in device reprocessing solutions, to offer tailored services to surgery centers across San Diego. Our partnership brings unmatched value and benefits to San Diego surgery centers, ensuring cost savings, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Maximized Savings with Discount Pricing Model

Provision's innovative pricing model offers a significant advantage to San Diego surgery centers, with a 50% discount pricing model compared to "assigned pricing." This model generates real savings rather than just perceived savings, allowing surgery centers to maximize their budget. With this approach, San Diego surgery centers can save up to $20,000 per O.R. suite per year, providing substantial financial benefits.

Enhanced Inventory Management with Closed Inventory System

San Diego surgery centers benefit from a "closed inventory" system, ensuring that they receive their own devices back after reprocessing. Unlike a "pooled inventory" system, where devices are shared among multiple facilities, the closed inventory system maximizes the number of devices returned to San Diego surgery centers. This exclusive access to their inventory enhances inventory control and ensures availability when needed.

Fastest Turnaround Times for Expedited Service

Provision guarantees the fastest turnaround times for San Diego surgery centers, with devices processed and shipped within 25–30 days from receipt. This expedited service minimizes downtime and ensures that surgery centers have the necessary devices available when scheduling procedures, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and patient care.

Comprehensive Accountability and Oversight

Provision provides San Diego surgery centers with comprehensive accountability and oversight through 24/7 access to savings trends, order history, order tracking, regulatory documents, and business reviews. This transparency enables surgery centers to monitor their activity closely and make informed decisions regarding inventory management. Additionally, Provision monitors all customer activity and shares detailed order confirmations in advance of shipments, fostering responsible inventory management practices.

By partnering with Henry Schein and Provision for device reprocessing solutions, San Diego surgery centers can streamline their operations, reduce costs, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, ultimately enhancing patient care delivery and outcomes.

Infection Prevention for your San Diego ASC

From the waiting room to central sterile, Henry Schein RISE provides the education and information you need to help maintain safety throughout your San Diego surgery center.

This comprehensive platform offers you multiple benefits, including:

FREE Third-Party Continued Education Credits

Expand your team's knowledge of infection prevention best practices and protocols

High-Quality Infection Prevention Products

Gain access to featured supplies from brands like 3M, Ansell, Crosstex, and more

Up-to-the-Minute Clinical Information

Keep patients safe with guidance from the CDC, WHO, AORN, ASCA, and more

The Latest Infection Prevention News

Learn more about emerging pathogens that could pose a threat within your ASC

Elevate your infection control program with RISE.

San Diego: A Hub for Surgical Innovation

San Diego, California, isn't just a place for perfect waves and breathtaking sunsets. This sun-drenched city has also become a leading force in the ever-evolving field of surgery. From pioneering advancements in minimally invasive techniques to fostering a collaborative environment for groundbreaking research, San Diego plays a vital role in shaping the future of surgical care.

Paving the Way for Minimally Invasive Surgery

San Diego is a hotbed for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) research and development. Here are some specific examples of its impact:

  • Scarless Appendectomy: In 2008, surgeons at UC San Diego Health pioneered a technique for removing the appendix through the mouth. This eliminated the need for a traditional abdominal incision, leading to a faster recovery and virtually no scarring.
  • Robotic Surgery Revolution: Sharp Memorial Hospital is among the first in the world to use the new da Vinci 5 surgical robot. This next-generation technology allows surgeons greater precision and control during complex procedures, potentially leading to improved outcomes for patients.
  • Dual Robotic Surgery: In a groundbreaking feat, surgeons at UC San Diego Health performed the first-ever dual robotic surgery on a patient with lymphedema after breast cancer surgery. This innovative approach demonstrates the potential for even more complex and delicate robotic procedures in the future.

Education and Training Excellence

San Diego's world-renowned medical schools, like UC San Diego School of Medicine, attract top surgical talent for training and practice. This concentration of expertise fosters a learning environment that benefits not only future surgeons but also elevates the overall standard of surgical care in the region.

San Diego's contributions to surgery are far-reaching. The advancements made here improve patient outcomes globally and set the bar for excellence in surgical care. As research in areas like robotic surgery, telemedicine, and personalized medicine continues, San Diego is poised to remain a leader in shaping the future of surgery for years to come.

Clinical Trials Powerhouse

San Diego’s dynamic ecosystem for clinical trials in surgical procedures and technologies is driven by its cutting-edge research institutions, robust medical infrastructure, and collaborative environment.

  • The Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI) at UC San Diego provides comprehensive support for clinical trials, facilitating the rapid adoption and refinement of innovative surgical techniques. It offers resources such as biostatistics support, clinical trial management, and regulatory assistance, helping surgeons to efficiently test and refine new surgical methods.
  • Scripps Health is a leader in conducting clinical trials for new surgical technologies. Their active involvement in trials ensures that new procedures are rigorously tested and refined before being adopted on a wider scale.

San Diego's role in clinical trials for new surgical procedures and technologies not only benefits local patients but also sets global standards. The city's integration of research, clinical application, and industry collaboration ensures that groundbreaking surgical techniques are rapidly tested, refined, and brought to broader patient populations, continually enhancing the field of surgical care.