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Flu Vaccine Now Available for Immediate Shipment - While Supplies Last
EMS Supplies, Equipment, and Products

EMS Supplies, Equipment, and Products

EMS Supplies, Equipment, and Products

Henry Schein Medical EMS: We Help Keep You Prepared for Any Emergency

For more than 35 years, EMS professionals have relied on Henry Schein Medical EMS for their emergency medical and rescue product needs. Representing the industry's leading manufacturers, Henry Schein Medical EMS offers a full line of EMS medical supplies and specialty equipment. With more than 20 sales professionals (most of whom started their careers as field medics), Henry Schein Medical EMS has one of the industry's largest and most experienced EMS teams.

Download our catalog to learn more about the emergency medical equipment and supplies we offer.

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We offer more than just a robust product portfolio. As part of Henry Schein Medical, Henry Schein EMS provides ways to improve your clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. We understand your primary role is to save lives, but we can also help you manage your spend and run an efficient business, regardless of whether your services are privately or publicly funded.

Henry Schein Medical EMS provides a breadth of products that services the continuum of care inclusive of EMS, freestanding emergency departments, urgent care clinics, physician offices and more. We can help take care of your patients as they receive care beyond first responders and aim for full recovery.

Supplies and Equipment

Severe Bleeding Control - Henry Schein Medical
Severe Bleeding Control
Nitronox - Henry Schein Medical
EMS Ultrasound - Henry Schein Medical
EMS Ultrasound
Hands-Free CPR - Henry Schein Medical
Hands-Free CPR
Intraosseous (IO) - Henry Schein Medical
Intraosseous (IO)
Firefighter Rehab - Henry Schein Medical
Firefighter Rehab
Refurbished Equipment - Henry Schein Medical
Refurbished Equipment


Health Care Inventory Management - Henry Schein Medical
Inventory Management

Control, efficiency, and visibility for your inventory levels and processes.

Electronic 222 Ordering - Henry Schein Medical
Electronic 222 (E222) Ordering

Reduce errors, increase efficiencies, and expedite the transaction of ordering controlled substances.

Health Care Supply Chain Solutions - Henry Schein Medical
Supply Chain Solutions

Standardization, optimization, and automation that result in workflow engagement and efficiency.

Medpod Telehealth Solutions - Henry Schein Medical
Medpod Telehealth Solutions

Leverage robust professional telediagnostics capabilities—packed into a carry-on bag.

Point-of-Care Testing - Henry Schein Medical
Point-of-Care Testing

We can help you achieve the clinical and operational benefits of a robust point-of-care testing (POCT) strategy.

Cardiac Diagnostics - Henry Schein Medical
Cardiac Diagnostics

We offer a wide range of testing products for heart conditions and diabetes.

Other Important Resources

FDA Medication Updates - Henry Schein Medical
FDA Medication Updates

Current and resolved drug shortages and discontinuations reported to the FDA. (From

Health Care Emergency Preparedness - Henry Schein Medical
Emergency Preparedness

A Road to Recovery resource center that includes our disaster preparedness and relief efforts.

Essential PPE - Henry Schein Medical
Essential PPE

We have several PPE products now available in unrestricted stock, with no ordering limits (while supplies last).

Our EMS Catalog

Request our catalog to learn more about the emergency medical equipment and supplies products we offer.

North American Rescue® Pre-Hospital Care

Mission-critical medical products to fill the equipment gaps commonly encountered in the field of tactical emergency services.

Coronavirus Resource Center - Henry Schein Medical
Coronavirus Resource Center

Henry Schein Medical's Coronavirus Resource Center contains patient communication recommendations, disease FAQs, and the latest vaccine information from the CDC, FDA, and CMS.

More Information:

For more information on ordering our EMS products:
Contact a Henry Schein Medical EMS Representative at 1-800-845-3550 or

For updates on product storage requirements, pharmaceuticals, and more:
Contact the Henry Schein DxRx Hotline Monday–Friday, 8:30am to 5pm EST at 1-877-523-SHOT (7468), or