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340B Program

340B Program

340B Program - Henry Schein Medical

What is the 340B Program?

The 340B Drug Pricing Program resulted from the enactment of public law 102-585, The Veteran's HealthCare Act, which is codified as Section 340B of the Public Health Services Act. The PHS Act requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide a statutorily defined discount on outpatient drugs to qualified entities, thereby allowing community health centers, among others, to buy drugs for their patients at a reduced rate.

Health Centers can save 20% to 50% on medications through the 340B Program. Yet, less than 50% of health center sites are active users of 340B and Prime Vendor Programs (PVP). The complexity of enrollment and implementation is limiting Health Centers from maximizing the full potential of these programs.

With Henry Schein's 340B Plus, accessing discounted drug pricing for your Health Center has never been easier. Henry Schein has the experience and expertise to help you maximize the value from the 340B and Prime Vendor Program. The benefits for Health Centers are clear: 340B Program savings will fund more services and expand access to care to new patients.

Henry Schein is the only full-line distributor for Community Health Centers for both medical and oral health solutions. Henry Schein carries a full-line of medical and oral health equipment and software solutions.

We're Focused on Helping You Deliver Quality Care to the Community

Expanding access to care and providing a healthy home to millions of new and existing patients requires partnerships that address the unique needs of America's Community Health Centers (CHCs). Through our comprehensive solutions, Henry Schein is dedicated to helping Health Centers optimize and expand quality, cost-effective care to the communities in which they serve.

Henry Schein has the experience, knowledge, and commitment to provide guidance you can depend on. We share your vision for helping communities and ensuring access to effective health care services. Our full spectrum of medical and oral health solutions includes everything from supplies and equipment to electronic health care records software; Health Center design and planning; and 340B, Diagnostic, and Influenza Vaccine Programs.

Henry Schein's 340B Plus benefits include the following:

Discounts on Vital Medications
The Federal 340B Program allows Health Centers to realize savings of 20% to 50% off medications. A wide variety of medications are covered under 340B, such as clinic-administered and outpatient pharmaceuticals. Vaccines are not currently available on 340B, vaccines are available on the Prime Vendor Program.

Program Management Made Easier Through Expert Customer Service
A team of 340B and Prime Vendor Program experts stand ready to help your Health Center maximize program value. We can assist in enrollment, setup, implementation, and management.

Supply Chain Excellence Guarantees Ease of Ordering and Fast, Reliable Delivery
We've got what you want when you need it. Henry Schein's industry-leading supply chain capability means you can count on us for ease of ordering, order accuracy, and fast, reliable delivery times.

Integration with Other Henry Schein Solutions Saves You Time
Health Centers can save time and money by streamlining purchasing through Henry Schein, the only organization that can service all of your medical, oral health, medical EHR, dental EHR, Health Center Design and Planning, and 340B needs.

Worry-Free Guarantee Influenza Vaccine Program
Henry Schein's Worry-Free Guarantee program takes the worry out of ordering flu vaccines. With guaranteed delivery, payment terms, competitive pricing, and a choice of vaccines, this program is perfect for Health Centers.

How do I get started in the 340B Program?

Customer must first be registered with the HRSA Office of Pharmacy Affairs before they can participate in the 340B program:

Registration: Click Here

Customer Service: or call 1-888-340-2787

To learn more about HRSA Office of Pharmacy Affairs: Click Here

What is the 340B/Prime Vendor Program (PVP)?

The 340B law requires the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to create a "prime vendor" program for the entities in the 340B drug discount program. The prime vendor handles price negotiation and drug distribution responsibilities for those entities that choose to join the prime vendor. A covered entity does not have to join the prime vendor program in order to participate in the 340B program, although covered entities are encouraged to join Apexus. Since the prime vendor has the potential to control a large volume of pharmaceuticals, it can negotiate favorable prices and utilize a national distribution system that would not be possible for covered entities to access individually.

  • The Prime Vendor Program is a voluntary program. Eligible entities participate in the PVP for free
  • The Prime Vendor Program offers products and services that are not currently available on the 340B program (i.e., vaccines)

How do I enroll in the 340B/Prime Vendor Program?

If you are already registered with the HRSA Office of Pharmacy Affairs, you can register for the 340B/PVP by: Clicking Here

To learn more about the 340B/PVP Program: Click Here

To select Henry Schein as Your 340B/PVP Authorized Distributor

If you are already registered with the Office of Pharmacy Affairs & 340B/PVP: Click Here
(click on participant log-in) and select Henry Schein (contract# DPPV 1901) as an AD (authorized distributor).

How do I set up a 340B account with Henry Schein?

To set up a 340B account with Henry Schein, contact the Henry Schein 340B Sales & Support Team:
Fax: 1-888-885-2253
Phone: 1-877-344-3402