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Non-Acute Care | IDN Healthcare | Henry Schein‍

Non-Acute Care | IDN Healthcare | Henry Schein‍

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Keeping the Pace with the Non-Acute Care Continuum

The migration of care continues to shift from traditional settings to alternative sites

Today's healthcare landscape is continuously evolving with patient volumes progressively shifting out of inpatient acute settings of care to outpatient care sites across the continuum. One of the most dynamic changes in U.S. healthcare is growth and proliferation of Health Systems.

Health Systems

As health care continues to evolve, more health systems will look to adopt new facilities & expand convenient care options to provide enhanced coordinated care for improved patient outcomes. The key to successful non-acute growth is having a strategic partner who understands your business and is an industry leader in Non-Acute Healthcare Distribution across the Continuum of Care.

Let’s ALIGN the Non-Acute Continuum of Care

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IDN Healthcare: Navigating the Non-Acute Continuum of Care

Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) are typically intricate health systems, broad in scope, and comprised of multiple non-acute sites, that deliver different types and levels of care spanning across the continuum of care. An extensive non-acute network can be fragmented making oversight and process management complex. In many cases, those individual sites may be operating within their own micro supply chains, managing the processes for product inventory, ordering, and receiving on top of delivering patient care which can be cumbersome for the staff, site, and the system.

How are your current distribution partners helping you navigate non-acute supply chain needs?

Henry Schein has the scale and decades of expertise to cohesively support non-acute supply chain needs across the network to drive transparency, standardization, cost reduction, time savings, and increased efficiencies at the site-level. Bringing multiple benefits to the entire Integrated Delivery Network including seamlessly supporting growth initiatives.

Health Systems

Henry Schein has over 9 Decades of Experience Dedicated to the Non-Acute Care Continuum

Henry Schein caters specifically to the diverse needs of non-acute entities within IDNs. We make it a priority to provide our customers with a variety of products and supplies to choose from by offering a comprehensive product portfolio that includes over 190,000 national brand and Henry Schein brand products.

Our portfolios span across Medical surgical, Medical and Capital Equipment, Laboratory, Pharmaceuticals, and Vaccines, as well as specialized services, solutions, and site-level data analytics capabilities. As a result, we are optimally positioned to provide tailored solutions and support to help health care systems navigate the unique challenges of the non-acute care setting effectively.

Our team of experts have combined our legacy strengths with innovation to develop programs dedicated to supporting today's health systems. Together, we collaborate and deliver on your system's priorities through Henry Schein ALIGN.

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A Partnership with Henry Schein Means Aligning all Aspects of Your Health System

Forge your way into the future of non-acute care

As Integrated Delivery Networks navigate the shift to non-acute care, strategic partnerships are essential for your success. Henry Schein Medical is the ideal partner for IDNs looking to optimize their operations and drive innovation in the non-acute care continuum. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by IDNs, Henry Schein Medical offers tailored solutions to enhance visibility, standardization, and cost containment.

Contact us to find out more about how Henry Schein Medical can help your health system streamline your supply chain, procurement, and operations, ultimately improving patient care and achieving your strategic goals in the evolving health care landscape.


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