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Are you frustrated with your Low PPO Insurance reimbursements?

Unitas helps Dentists across the country negotiate HIGHER PPO Insurance Rates for their Dental Practices.

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Who We Help

Established PPO Practices

4 or More PPOs? Our PPO Management service can help your established dental practice improve your low PPO Insurance reimbursements through PPO Negotiations & Optimization.

Start-Up Practices

Buying or building a new practice? We will guide you through the PPO set-up process and complete the necessary work in order to establish your PPO participation.

Fee-For-Service Practices

Considering new or additional PPO participation? We evaluate your potential participation options so you can make informed decisions when considering PPO participation.

Are you in network with multiple PPO plans?
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Over the Last 8 Years, Unitas Has Worked
With Thousands of Dental Practices...


I have been amazed by what Unitas Dental has been able to accomplish for my practice. Not only have they been able to increase my revenue but they have allowed my staff to be more efficient.

- Dr. Ryan D. DDS


I feel fortunate to be using Unitas in my practice. Over the past few years, multiple insurance contracts have been negotiated in my favor. Their customer service is wonderful!

- Dr. Kerri T DDS


Our office hired Unitas Dental four years ago and it was probably one of the best things our office has done. Their help with credentialing, obtaining the highest fees possible for our office with different fee schedules, etc., has been such a great help in saving time and money. We would recommend Unitas to anyone!

- Michelle, Office Manager


Our Office can highly recommend Unitas Dental. We have four busy dental locations and the Unitas Team has helped out with all of them. Our Account Manager really lightened our work, updated us regularly and made life really easy so that we could concentrate on daily tasks.

- Dr. John B DDS