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Dental Evacuation

Dental Evacuation

Henry Schein dental evacuation supplies are provided by leading manufacturers who adhere to stringent internal standards to ensure only the highest quality.

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Dental Evacuation

Dental evacuation is a vital part of dental procedures. Properly cleaning, disinfecting and removing dental evacuation lines are crucial to avoid cross contamination. Saliva ejectors are used during preventive procedures to suction saliva from a patient's mouth.

Zirc Mr. Thirsty One-Step

Tongue shield and built-in bite block. Provides a clear and unobstructed view, creating the ideal working environment. Hands-free isolation presents the opportunity for a shortened procedure time. Flexible, soft material that can be trimmed for custom fit and is 100% fully disposable, which eliminates any postprocedure processing. Hooks up directly to HVE.

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