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Dental Acrylics

Dental Acrylics

Henry Schein offers the largest selection of dental acrylics and acrylic resin from top brands including Dentsply International, GC America, Inc., Kerr Corporation and Pulpdent, among others. Henry Schein also offers dental acrylics and acrylic resin under the Henry Schein private label brand of products. All Henry Schein Brand products are backed by the Henry Schein Seal of Excellence and are designed to fit the needs of your dental lab.

Dental Acrylics

Dental acrylic resins are used for denture bases, tooth restorations, artificial teeth, and various other purposes in dentistry. Henry Schein offers cold/self-cure, fast cure, heat cure, and light cure acrylic resins that range in set times from 12 to 45 minutes. Browse our supplies for the highest quality dental acrylic resins and accessories that include custom tray materials, denture opaque and denture stains, liners, and repair materials.

Henry Schein Dental Acrylic Resins

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