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Ivoclar Dental Supplies & Materials

Ivoclar Dental Supplies & Materials


We set standards in dental care. At Ivoclar, we support dental professionals both professionally and personally in fulfilling their passion and purpose: to ensure that people have the best possible oral health and quality of life, today and in the future. Our integrated solutions are helping to improve the state of oral health throughout the world. Like our customers we never stand still - we share one mission: Making People Smile.

Workflow Innovations

Workflow Innovations
Workflow Innovations

Effective workflows for streamlined processes, increased productivity, and more predictable esthetics for your practice.

Ivoclar complete product systems work together to ensure efficient and reliable results. Our smart systems are designed for entire workflows, from initial consultations with the patient to aftercare, and all steps in between. The benefits of our workflow approach:

  • Simple and intuitive processes save you time and deliver reliable results
  • More control in your daily operations increase's efficiency

CAD/CAM Blocks

Instrumentation & Procedural

IPS e.max® CAD


The most trusted chairside CAD/CAM material

  • IPS e.max is the top-selling glass-ceramic in the world, combining outstanding esthetics and strength designed to mimic nature. With over 170 million restorations placed, every 10 seconds a patient is made happy with IPS e.max[1]. Its clinical reliability is proven with a 97.2% clinical survival rate of posterior crowns over ten years[2], over 15 years of in vitro studies, and a 98% customer satisfaction rating[1].
  • Strict testing and quality control measures ensure the highest quality dentists, dental laboratories, and patients know and trust. Tested according to ISO 6872 specifications, IPS e.max CAD exhibits an average flexural strength of 530MPa[3] and fracture toughness of 2.11[4]. This qualifies it as a Class 3 dental ceramic which is indicated for single units, including molars, three unit anterior bridges, and conventional or adhesive cementation[5]. Crowns only require 1.0mm occlusal thickness when bonded or 1.5mm with conventional cement and a retentive prep.
  • Its wide variety of indications, shades, and sizes make it an incredibly versatile operatory companion, which can accommodate the majority of restorations fabricated chairside. It comes in 54 shades and six block sizes including prefabricated abutment blocks and can be milled and crystallized with spray glaze in under 20 minutes[6,7].
Instrumentation & Procedural

IPS e.max® ZirCAD


IPS e.max® ZirCAD Prime blocks empower CEREC dentists to produce high-strength and esthetic restorations sintered faster than ever before. Sinter crowns in only 15 minutes with the Ivoclar Programat CS6 and achieve highly esthetic results.

  • Speed sintering: Quickly sinter your restorations in just 15 minutes in the Programat® CS6 and 16 minutes in the CEREC® SpeedFire
  • High strength: 1,100 MPa of strength and low wall thickness of 0.8mm for posterior and anterior crowns provide conservative dentistry to your patients
  • High esthetics: Due to shade and translucency progression from dentin (3Y-TZP raw material) to the translucent incisal area (5Y-TZP raw material)
  • Easy cementation: Either cement the restoration conventionally with e.g., ZirCAD® Cement or use a self-adhesive or adhesive cementation protocol


Instrumentation & Procedural

Variolink® Esthetic


Amazingly simple esthetics

  • The official cement of IPS e.max, Variolink Esthetic is an esthetic light- and dual-curing adhesive cement for the permanent cementation of ceramic, and composite resin restorations.
  • Variolink Esthetic sets a new standard for easy removal of excess material, making esthetic cementation simple. A simple cleanup process has been achieved with the smart combination of Ivocerin, the light initiator, and a unique light sensitivity filter. This allows quick and easy tack curing for removal, which is so satisfying. Fast and reliable final polymerization is ensured with patented Ivocerin technology.
  • Its 100% amine-free Ivocerin® light initiator provides ultimate shade stability without concerns of shade-shifting. Additionally, the easy shade concept and try-in pastes come in 5 customizable shades in order to enable precise shade and value matching.
  • Variolink Esthetic also features a high radiopacity of nearly 350% Al which greatly exceeds enamel at 200% Al and dentin at 100% Al [10]. This is especially beneficial when using with radiolucent dental materials to ensure marginal fit.
Instrumentation & Procedural

SpeedCEM® Plus


Self-adhesive cement

  • SpeedCEM® Plus is a self-adhesive, self-curing resin cement with optional light-curing designed for the permanent seating of crowns and bridges on natural teeth and on implant abutments that are made of the following restorative materials:
    • Zirconia
    • Metal and metal-based restorations
    • Lithium disilicate glass-ceramics, e.g. IPS e.max®
  • SpeedCEM Plus comes in three convenient shades to enable versatility while also providing a slight chemical bond when needed or preferred.
  • Given its self-adhesive properties, SpeedCEM Plus offers an additional measure of reliability when seating opaque restorations such as zirconia. It also eliminates the need for phosphoric acid etching and bonding with a dentin adhesive. No additional primer is required for the self-adhesive cementation of zirconium oxide and metal-based restorations. This is also true for the placement of restorations on titanium or zirconium oxide abutments.
Instrumentation & Procedural

ZirCAD® Cement


Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer

  • ZirCAD Cement features one esthetic shade in an automix syringe. Its seamless removal via quick tack-cure makes it the efficient and economical solution for zirconia restorations with retentive preps.
  • It features high fluoride release and is hydrophilic in nature, making it ideal for high caries risk patients and in situations where absolute isolation is challenging, and economically efficient type of cementation for restorations made of zirconia.
  • Designed for strictly mechanical retention, it enables less challenging removal when needed.
  • Conventional cementation from the premium brand you trust: Ivoclar.

Filling Materials

Instrumentation & Procedural

Tetric® Prime


Sculptable Universal composite for the anterior and posterior region.

  • Smooth, creamy handling for flawless adaptation and contouring
  • Twelve streamlined shades to create esthetically optimized restorations
  • High radiopacity to visualize marginal integrity and ensure proper diagnosis in future recalls
  • A single-shade solution for Class I & Class II restorations (T shade)
Instrumentation & Procedural

Tetric® PowerFill


  • Sculptable 4mm composite for true-to-nature esthetic results in the posterior region
    • Long working time (Tetric PowerFill: >3.5 minutes[5]) for better contouring
    • Reliable depth of cure in increments of up to 4 mm[1–6]
    • Natural shade effect thanks to Aessencio technology
    • Radiopaque/high radiopacity (> 225%)[5, 7]
  • Three-second cure with the Bluephase PowerCure (3s Cure program)[1–4]
Instrumentation & Procedural

Tetric® PowerFlow


Tetric® PowerFlow is a flowable 4mm composite for direct restorative treatment in posterior teeth.

  • Material is characterized by low shrinkage, optimum flexural strength and reliable depth of cure
  • Excellent adaptation to cavity walls and fast volume replacement because of outstanding flow properties
  • Three-second cure with the Bluephase PowerCure (3s Cure program)[1–4]
Instrumentation & Procedural

Tetric® EvoCeram


Tetric EvoCeram is a state-of-the-art, light-curing, radiopaque, nano-hybrid composite for direct restorative therapy. Tetric EvoCeram cures with light in the wavelength range of 400–500 nm (blue light).


Instrumentation & Procedural

Adhese® Universal


  • Adhese® Universal is a single-component, light-cured adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures and all etching protocols.[1]
  • It is the only universal bonding agent available in the efficient VivaPen® delivery form.
  • Universally suitable for direct and indirect bonding procedures and all etching protocols [1]
  • Consistent high bond strength (>25 MPa) on wet and dry dentin
  • Integrated desensitizing effect for minimizing the risk of postoperative sensitivity

Curing Lights

Instrumentation & Procedural

Bluephase® PowerCure


  • Innovative curing light designed for the intraoral polymerization of light-curing materials.
  • Patented polyvision™ technology acts as an intelligent curing assistant
  • Powerful light intensity of up to 3,000 mW/cm²
  • Short curing times starting from three seconds[2]


Instrumentation & Procedural



Effective isolation solutions that are comfortable and easy to place.

  • OptraGate for latex–free relative isolation with enlarged access and gentle retraction[7]
  • Comfortable for the patient, easy to place for the dentist[5]


Instrumentation & Procedural



Unique, 3-step system in 3 different concentrations (16%, 22%, and 32% carbamide peroxide) that activates, whitens, and conditions teeth to give patient a comprehensive take-home whitening solution. System is made to ensure patient experiences a comfortable and safe whitening experience with effective results.

[1] Data on file. [2] The survival rate of monolithic IPS e.max CAD posterior crowns was evaluated with the Kaplan-Meier method. The failure rate refers to technical failures like fracture and chipping, R&D Ivoclar, Schaan. [3] Average biaxial flexural strength, Outcome after more than 10 years of ongoing quality testing, R&D Ivoclar, Schaan. [4] Hill T, Tysowsky G, AADR/CADR Annual Meeting: 1672, 2016. [5] International Standard ISO 6872 Fourth edition 2015-06-01. [6] Güttich J., Time difference IPS e.max CAD mode fine/fast CEREC Primemill, Test Report, Ivoclar Vivadent, 2021. [7] LT, MT, HT, with IPS e.max CAD Crystall./Glaze Spray or Self Glaze technique, 2 restorations. Arnold L., IPS e.max CAD crystallization program durations of Programat CS2, CS3, and CS6, Test Report, Ivoclar Vivadent, 2021. [8] Typical mean value of biaxial flexural strength, R&D Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein [9] Measurement of fracture toughness using the Vicker's testing procedure: R&D Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein [10] Radiopacity measured according to ISO 4049; R&D Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Schaan, 2013.