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Dental Articulating Paper

Dental Articulating Paper

Henry Schein offers a wide selection of dental articulating products including the highest quality dental articulating papers from leading manufacturers in the industry including Bausch Articulating Products, Kulzer, Inc., Integra Miltex, National Keystone Group and others. Henry Schein also offers dental articulating film, foil and accessories in addition to high spot indicators. Shop our supplies for the dental articulating products that best fit the needs your practice.

Dental Articulating Paper

Dental articulating paper is used as a diagnostic tool to identify the distribution of occlusal forces and highlight points of occlusal contact between the maxillary and mandibular teeth. With the dental articulating paper or foil placed in your patients’ mouth, instruct the patient to tap their teeth up and down to create pressure marks from the ink of the articulating product. The articulating ink, available in colors red and blue, will provide a two-dimensional evaluation of dental occlusion that can help identify signs of occlusal instability.

Dental Articulating Paper and Dental Occlusion Corrections

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