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Practice Management Software

Practice Management Software

Practice Management Software

When your dental equipment and software do not talk to each other to share data, it slows your team down.

That’s because technology designed as stand-alone solutions forces teams to re-enter patient data and waste time doing busy work.

We believe dental technology should work together to streamline your practice workflow, not create roadblocks. That’s why we formed Henry Schein One.

Learn how Henry Schein One’s connected practice management systems simplify marketing, patient engagement and management, so you can improve each step of the patient experience.

Get the Power of One.

Dentrix Enterprise
Dentrix Ascend
Dentrix eServices
Dental Plans
Jarvis Analytics
Ascend Academics
PBS Endo

General Practice


The market leader in helping practices increase profits and provide better care

Strengthen the connection between great patient care and healthy profits—with a complete practice management platform that's ready to boost your business performance. Dentrix® by Henry Schein One makes it easier to manage and grow your business, increase the productivity of your team, and enhance the quality of care you provide to patients. As the market leader in Practice Management Software for more than 20 years, and with over 35,000 teams using it, Dentrix combines technology with workflows to help dentists expand and grow their dental practices.

Grow your practice with these innovative platform features:

  • Fill appointments easily with custom patient lists and group text messaging
  • Access all your diagnostic images in one place — the patient chart
  • Integrate with 270+ third-party applications
  • Capture unlimited allergies and medical conditions
  • Use elegant and award-winning clinical tools for increased performance
  • Connect to several major imaging solutions with Dentrix Smart Image

Find out how Dentrix is designed to help you better manage your practice –
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Dentrix Service Bundles

Give your practice an edge with bundled eServices

All practice technology should work together as one system so you have one digital workflow. The following bundles combine Dentrix eServices, from Henry Schein One, into integrated solutions and services to help you boost profits, enhance patient care and set your practice apart from your competition.

Dentrix Essentials
These basic eServices deliver convenience and efficiency to everyday tasks, along with technical support, online resources and product upgrades.

Dentrix Momentum
Includes everything in the Dentrix Essentials bundle, plus eServices to collect and process payments more efficiently.

Dentrix Optimum Pro
Includes everything in Dentrix Momentum, plus two-way, 24/7 patient communications powered by Demand Force and reputation management.

Dentrix Ultimate
Includes everything in Dentrix Optimum Pro, plus web marketing powered by Officite to acquire and maintain patients.

See how an eServices bundle can give your practice an edge. Call 833.HS1.SALE (833.471.7253) or visit

Dentrix Ascend

Take your practice to the cloud

Dentrix Ascend, by Henry Schein One, moves practice management to the cloud, lifting IT burdens from dentists so they can focus on patient care. The software increases practice efficiency and eliminates time spent on backups, software updates and server issues.

Because Dentrix Ascend is cloud-based, dentists can access their practice data at any time, from any location, on any device. The natural, role-based interface in Dentrix Ascend is easy to learn and up-to-date.

  • When a team member logs in, Dentrix Ascend displays a Practice Overview that shows the current status of their primary work items.
  • Each day it displays a customized to-do list, to avoid important tasks slipping through the cracks.
  • It simplifies the management of multisite practices.
  • Provides a central database and business reporting for the group while allowing individual sites the flexibility they need.
  • User roles can be assigned by location and by user, enabling multisite practices to give each provider and team member the interface they need to be most productive.

Visit or call 1-855-232-9493.

Dentrix Ascend Apps

Boost your software functionality with option apps

While Dentrix Ascend comes with the features and tools you need to run an efficient practice, adding one or more of our optional apps can enhance your software’s functionality.

By supplementing the great features already in Dentrix Ascend, you’ll gain valuable new ways to improve efficiency, protect patient and staff health, reduce costs, save time and heighten patient loyalty. Consider boosting your practice’s ability to be successful with our add-on apps: Dentrix Ascend ePrescribe, Dentrix Ascend Pay, Dentrix Ascend Voice, Dentrix Ascend Online Payments and LiveChat.

For more information on each of these apps, click the links below.

Dentrix Ascend ePrescribe:

Dentrix Ascend Pay:

Dentrix Ascend Online Payments:

Dentrix Ascend Voice:


Multisite, Group, DSO

Dentrix Enterprise

The comprehensive solution for dental corporations with large-group and multisite dental practices

A growing dental practice needs robust practice management software. Dentrix Enterprise from Henry Schein One is the industry-leading solution for large-group and multisite dental practices, tackling complex issues of centralizing and streamlining data easily. Giving you the benefits of economies of scale, Dentrix Enterprise helps you succeed now as you grow so that you can maximize efficiency and profitability.

  • Centralize control and reporting to improve your organization's efficiency
  • Standardize front office, operations, accounting, and clinical procedures for the entire practice
  • Benefit from improved revenue cycle management (RCM) and simplified insurance claims, payments, and revenue generation.

Dentrix Enterprise is for organizations that want

  • Centralized control of organizational data
  • Standardization of operations, accounting, and clinical procedures
  • Improved Revenue with economies of scale, simplified insurance claims, payments, and revenue generation

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Dentrix Ascend

Improve your practice management—in the cloud

Dentrix Ascend cloud-based practice management offers DSOs and group practices the benefits of a powerful, yet easy to learn, practice management system backed by Henry Schein One. Dentrix Ascend offers unparalleled, cloud-based imaging tools; essential online productivity tools; and anytime, anywhere access to practice data and tools—all on a platform designed to grow with your practice.

The award-winning Dentrix Ascend gives multi-location dental organizations the tools they need to efficiently manage today’s business and meet their goals for the future.

  • Included insurance tools streamline reimbursements with no-charge eligibility checks and electronic claims with attachments.

Essential payment tools maximize the collection of patient portions with in-office payment collection seamlessly integrated into the patient ledger and online billing with text-to-pay options to easily collect even small amounts.

  • Online booking, automated text and email patient reminders, and online patient forms help offices keep a fully productive schedule.
  • The natural, modern interface in Dentrix Ascend is easy to learn—especially important for onboarding and retaining today’s team members.
  • Cloud-based hosting reduces IT demands, while automated data backups and software updates free up resources. Practices save money and time they can use to focus their energy on patient care.
  • Dentrix Ascend’s centralized database makes it easy to expand and grow the organization. Shared records allow patients to be seen at any location. Shared credentials allow team members to work in any location with appropriate permissions. Shared templates help standardize operations while speeding up the process of adding new locations. Shared business reporting gives leaders insight into organization, location, and provider success.

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Government, Publicly Funded

Dentrix Enterprise

The comprehensive best-in-class dentistry software for public health organizations and community health centers

Dentrix Enterprise, by Henry Schein One, is designed to address the unique needs of public health organizations and community health centers (CHC) with tools and solutions created for their complex issues.

It optimizes organizational efficiency with a preferred, dental-specific workflow. Interoperable with more than 40+ different medical systems, Dentrix Enterprise allows you to share data easily and features a robust database that facilitates public health dentistry reports.

  • Full Interoperability: See a complete picture of your patients’ health and bring your sites and providers together in a single system—the comprehensive public health solutions dental software.
  • Best-in-Class Dental Workflow: Don't settle for a solution designed for medical doctors. Get the complete, best-in-class solution designed specifically for dental providers in Public Health.
  • Standardize Clinical Procedures in One Central System: Standardize clinical procedures and office processes, bringing data (patients and unique providers) into one central system while allowing each site the flexibility to manage tasks independently

Dentrix Enterprise is for organizations that want

  • Full Interoperability with a medical software solution (40+ different medical systems)
  • Most Recognizable User Interface designed for Public Health
  • Centralizing Data together for as many unique providers and sites with a robust and scalable database

Contact us today for a no-obligation online demonstration:
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Dentrix Ascend

Cloud-based dental practice management from dental leader, Henry Schein One

Dentrix Ascend, by Henry Schein One, moves practice management to the cloud, reducing IT burdens and helping dentists deliver their best patient care. The software increases efficiency for providers and staff, with tools that include easy-to-use clinical workflows and high-quality cloud-based imaging. Dentrix Ascend provides proven tools for handling insurance reimbursement and patient billing.

Because Dentrix Ascend is cloud-based, dentists can access their patient data at any time, from any location, on any device using Chrome or Safari browsers. The natural, role-based interface in Dentrix Ascend is easy to learn and up to date.

  • Dentrix Ascend integrates with cloud-EHR leader athenahealth for a complete Medical-Dental solution. A consolidated UDS report (in athenaNet) reduces manual work to merge data.
  • Anytime, anywhere access lets providers stay on top of their schedules while away from the office.
  • Shared database of patient records and images supports collaboration between providers and allows patients to be seen easily in multiple locations.
  • The natural, modern interface in Dentrix Ascend is easy to learn—especially important for on-boarding and retaining today’s team members.
  • Imaging supports high-quality 2D X-ray, 3D CBCT, intral oral and extra-oral images, and more.
  • Optional artificial intelligence tools support early detection of caries and other indications, plus hands-free entry of perio exam results and clinical notes.

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Profitability Coaching

Dentrix and Dentrix Ascend Profitability Coaching™ give you the business advice you didn't get in dental school. With one-on-one coaching, you will get expert advice tailored to your team and learn how to leverage your Dentrix or Dentrix Ascend systems to improve your practice and your bottom line.

Ascend Academic

Harness the Power of the Cloud

Built from the trusted private-practice software, Dentrix Ascend, Ascend Academic is designed for Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting schools. Ascend Academic lowers IT costs, is responsive to multiple devices, and works securely in your educational environment.

What Ascend Academic has to offer:

  • Front Desk Management
  • Clinical Management
  • Academic Management
  • Business Management

Discover the benefits of Ascend Academic:

  • Cloud Connected - Lower IT costs, streamline support, and easily upgrade with the first cloud-based academic dental software.
  • Highly Responsive - Ascend Academic is completely responsive and designed to work where you do. From laptops, desktops, tablets and more.
  • Advanced Integration - Ascend Academic is a modern platform that can communicate with the newest technology, ensuring your organization is innovative.
  • Standards of Care - Rules, alerts, forms, and automation ensure clinic rules are followed and guarantee the best standard of care for your patients.

For more information about Ascend Academic:

Visit, email or call 1-888-808-6223.


Follow the Leader

axiUm, by Henry Schein One, is the dental management software of choice for 87 percent of all dental institutes in North America, and is quickly gaining international recognition. Designed for use by schools, hospitals and enterprises, axiUm offers a complete dental management software solution with a centralized database. From chair-side to front-end, axiUm plays a key role in linking multilevel operations, streamlining processes and reducing redundancies to meet your institute's own standards for excellence.

What axiUm has to offer:

  • Complete electronic health records
  • Financial and clinical integration
  • Customization of data fields and forms for your Institute
  • Advanced security features to control and limit access to data
  • Grading and evaluations of students' clinical and technical competency
  • Built-in reporting tools to manage operations and research capabilities

axiUm is for organizations that want

  • Centralized access to all patient records
  • Streamlined and central billing processes
  • Approvals, assessments and supervision of student work
  • Monitoring of quality assurance and patient care standards
  • Support of evidence-based dentistry through research and reporting
  • Software certified for Meaningful Use

For more information about axiUm:
Visit, email or call 1-888-808-6223.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Dentrix QuickBill Premium™

An all-in-one billing solution that combines Text, Email, and Mail billing delivery options so you can tailor billing and payment notifications to fit your practice and patient preferences. The results? Your office staff saves time and you get paid faster!

Dentrix Pay™

An all-in-one billing solution that combines Text, Email, and Mail billing delivery options so you can tailor billing and payment notifications to fit your practice and patient preferences. The results? Your office staff saves time and you get paid faster!

Dentrix eClaims™

Helps you reduce your insurance claim reimbursement time from weeks to just days. It is the only electronic claims service directly integrated into your Dentrix practice management software.

Dentrix Imaging Center

Dentrix Imaging Center is the only solution that offers a seamless imaging workflow between multiple hardware devices and Dentrix. Integrated with Dentrix G7.1 and higher the software shares the same database as other Dentrix modules and lets you mix and match over 100 imaging hardware devices – without the hassles of third-party software.

For more information about Dentrix Imaging Center or to see full list of supported hardware devices, visit

Dentrix Detect AI

Dentrix Detect AI, powered and manufactured by VideaHealth uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide automated x-ray scans and AI-enabled detections.

Dentrix Detect AI is an integrated part of Dentrix that fits seamlessly into your familiar imaging workflows. Unlike other single-purpose AI solutions, Dentrix Detect AI users do not have to navigate separate environments or constantly switch between applications to see AI findings. With Dentrix Detect AI, doctors see identifications automatically flagged in their Dentrix patient charts, allowing dentists to confirm patient conditions faster, so they can achieve better patient care.

To learn more about Dentrix Detect AI, visit

Dentrix Voice

Dentrix Voice is a voice assistant that helps increase productivity and profitability across your entire practice while lowering virus transmission risk. Using affordable recording devices and advanced artificial intelligence technology from Bola AI, Dentrix Voice seamlessly captures dictated perio results as well as clinical notes and other essential office correspondence. This ready-to-use, highly accurate voice recognition system opens new opportunities for increased profitability by eliminating manual data entry time and errors while maximizing safety and patient care.

Dental Analytics

Jarvis Analytics

Turn Your Data into Actionable Insights

Jarvis Analytics generates actionable insights in real time so you can understand your practice’s performance and make data-driven decisions that increase efficiency and fuel growth. Optimize the way you manage your practice, from capitalizing on hidden opportunities to automating front-office tasks.

Get the context you need to fully understand your practice's performance and potential. Jarvis Analytics integrates seamlessly with your practice management system to turn your data into actionable insights.

Jarvis Analytics uncovers the opportunities hidden in your data. Designed from the ground up for DSOs and group practices, Jarvis Analytics is now available for private practices. With modules including Treatment Miner, Practice Potential, Patient Portal, and Hygiene Recall, you can find new ways to increase production, automate tasks, and boost efficiency.

Traditional data analytics methods can be time-consuming and leave your data vulnerable to mistakes and misinterpretation. By automating data analysis and reporting with Jarvis Analytics, you can get data-driven insights and keep your team free to focus on just driving profitability but also improving clinal excellence leading to happier patients.



Practice Management for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

OMSVision®, by Henry Schein One, is practice management software inspired by and developed with members of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS). OMSVision delivers state-of-the-art practice management solutions to meet the unique needs of oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

OMSVision is for oral surgeons who want

  • Software that is trusted by their peers
  • To consider growing to multiple locations and specialties
  • To integrate their software with vital sign monitors, CO2 systems and 3D imaging
  • Powerful reporting tools that help ensure compliance

Find out why Henry Schein is the market leader in oral surgeon practice management software:
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The Most Sophisticated and Flexible Practice Management Solution Available to Endodontists

EndoVision, by Henry Schein One, provides clinical and management tools tailored for the endodontic specialty. The comprehensive patient records, customizable charting and flexible platform allow you to practice endodontics your way. EndoVision provides access to more technology integrations with a fast, easy, intuitive interface that keeps the endodontist focused on the patient. Three key features set EndoVision apart from other software solutions: system flexibility, unique clinical tools and referral tracking.

EndoVision is for endodontists who want

  • Data-driven charting with a pain grid, number of canals and canal properties
  • State-of-the-art clinical and operatory tools
  • Comprehensive treatment plans and template notes for referring doctors
  • Referral tracking, ranking and web integration

Find out what makes EndoVision the first choice for patient care and business growth:
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Clinical Practice Management for the Surgical Periodontist

PerioVision, by Henry Schein One, is for the surgical periodontist; it includes the exact tools and detailed reporting you need to provide excellent care and increase your profits. PerioVision integrates with several patient vital monitors and imaging equipment. You can view diagnostic images, vital signs, anesthesia records and patient history all on one screen in the patient's electronic health record (EHR). It allows for data-driven periodontic charting including pocket depths, probing depths, gingival margins, furcation grades, suppuration points, bone loss and more.

PerioVision Is for Periodontists Who Want

  • Achieve chartless and paperless operations
  • SOAP formatted EHR with integrated patient vital monitors
  • Comprehensive referral tracking and ranking
  • Their practice to grow to multiple locations and/or specialties while maintaining a central database

Find out what makes PerioVision the choice for the surgical periodontist.
Visit or call 1-800-323-3370

PBS Endo Enterprise

Designed with the Future in Mind

PBS Endo Enterprise provides business, marketing, and clinical software for the endodontic specialty. The quality, functionality, and ease of use in the Practice Management Software are all provided at an affordable cost. PBS Endo software offers true multi-location capabilities, using one database to support multiple locations. The software also includes several options to help endodontic practices become paperless. It allows for referral and case tracking, digital capture of patient forms, email templates to use as letters to referrals, EndoChart with an interactive verification list, and much more.

  • A user interface that provides all the sophisticated features you want, customized for flexibility in your practice, without the requirement for costly formal training.
  • Practice Promotion with Referral Recall outside of patient cases.
  • Unparalleled support that customers truly value.

For more information about PBS Endo Enterprise, and to find out how it can benefit your endodontic practice, visit


Ortho2 is the Standard in Orthodontic Practice Management Software

Ortho2 Edge Cloud delivers premium practice management, imaging, and communication systems – all supported by our top-notch customer service team. Edge Cloud features truly optimized, private cloud computing, eliminating the need for servers. Edge Cloud excels in patient and information flow from the front desk to the treatment bay and everything in between. This complete system means you don’t have to worry about third-party integrations – everything you need and more is already included.

Edge Cloud is for orthodontists who want

  • Complete practice management software with all the features they need
  • Ongoing updates with trends of tomorrow
  • Online tools for patients including scheduling, forms, and payments
  • Powerful and customizable reporting

Find out what makes Edge Cloud the first choice in orthodontic practice management software:

Visit or call 800.678.4644


Sesame Communications

Sesame Communications is the industry leader in proven and effective digital marketing and patient engagement solutions and strategies for specialty practices. Across every channel of your practice’s marketing, Sesame is your partner in finding new patients and developing deeper connections with your current ones. What can Sesame do for you?

Dental Sesame

Dental Sesame™ helps your practice build a loyal patient community that keeps appointments, pays bills faster, and refers friends and family. Designed exclusively for dentistry, Dental Sesame is a powerful patient engagement solution that will delight both your patients and team.

Sesame Web Design

Built exclusively for dentistry, Sesame’s responsive designed websites make sure your practice turns visitors into new patients. Responsive design allows for seamless functionality on all platforms, including PCs, tablets, and mobile. Responsive design creates a more efficient user experience, reinforces your brand identity, and strengthens your engagement with prospective patients.

Sesame SEO

Sesame SEO™ keeps your website highly visible to search engines and increases traffic to your website and practice. With Sesame SEO™, you can track your success online and work with a dedicated SEO team to improve and maintain your practice’s search-engine visibility, driving patient conversions and ROI to your practice.

Sesame Social

Sesame Social™ makes it easier for your patients to stay connected to you and your practice by creating an online community around your specific practice brand. Your Sesame Social™ package includes practice-branded social network profiles designed to increase your practice’s online visibility by sharing information, photos, and videos.

To find out what Sesame can do for you, visit or call 866.437.5384.

Office IT and Support


Trust your office technology and security to the dental experts

Unlike other IT companies, Henry Schein TechCentral® provides a single source team of experts that design, deliver and support all of your IT needs. Our integrated computing solutions for front desk, operatory and offices are custom designed for you using products from trusted companies like HP, Dell, Microsoft and Dentrix to increase productivity and eliminate downtime. You can be confident that TechCentral will support your digital dental technology so you can focus on dentistry.

  • Computers and Servers
  • Networks and Wi-Fi
  • Medical Grade Displays
  • Pre-Tested Peripherals
  • Security Solutions
  • Export Support & IT Services

TechCentral is for dentists who want:

  • To integrate digital technology and practice management for efficient workflow
  • To upgrade to the right equipment to fit the current and future needs of your dental office
  • To avoid IT hassles and technology disruptions
  • To acquire, build or remodel an office
  • To get support from professionals with your computer systems, imaging, and software

See how TechCentral business technology solutions can power your digital practice:
Visit or call 1-866-794-7092

Patient Acquisition and Retention, Website Design and Hosting



Powerful Websites for Dental Professionals that Delivers New Patients

Visitors to your website decide whether to stay or leave in a matter of seconds. If your website doesn’t catch their eye immediately and work just as they expect it to, you can lose a potential patient in the seconds it takes for them to open your page. As potential and returning patients continue to explore your site, a smooth online experience translates to a positive opinion of your practice. A great website only reinforces your expertise and professionalism, and Officite offers features that go above and beyond.

Find out how an Officite website can reinforce your expertise and professionalism. Call 833.HS1.SALE (833.471.7253) or visit


Lighthouse 360

Lighthouse 360 provides automated patient communications that help dental practices save time and keep the schedule full.

Designed specifically for dentistry, the award-winning software automates your most repetitive daily tasks—including appointment confirmations, recall reminders, patient reviews and more. Here's how it works: Lighthouse 360 syncs with your PMS every 10 minutes and automatically reaches out to patients on your behalf. Whether it's reactivating a dormant patient, reminding them complete treatment, or just wishing a happy birthday, we help do it all so you can stay focused on the patients in your practice.

Most importantly, it works! According to real clients, on average Lighthouse 360 helps:

  • Reduce no-shows by 40%
  • Save 16 hours per week
  • Gather 48% more reviews
  • Boost monthly production by 30%

Lighthouse 360 is the winner of four consecutive Townie Choice Awards and was rated as both a "Reader's Choice" and "Best Product" from Dental Product Shopper (earning a score of 4.9/5).

Recently, Lighthouse 360 has also launched several exciting new features including "Fill-In" (which automatically detects last-minute cancellations and helps find a patient to fill the opening) and "Patient FastTrack" (which lets new patients easily register, and even sign forms) right on their smart phone). All of that, plus unlimited live support, enable Lighthouse 360 to act like an extra member of your team—and truly support your practice from every angle.

Take a free demo of Lighthouse 360 today. Call 1-855-888-6474 or visit

Dental Savings Plans


Increase Treatment Case Acceptance, Plus Gain New Patients, with Dental Savings Plans

Cost is the biggest reason people delay dental care. Dental Savings Plans from provide savings for uninsured patients, along with no annual limits, no health restrictions, quick plan activation and a low-cost annual membership fee. What does this mean for a dental office? You can retain and/or reactivate budget-conscious patients and increase treatment plan acceptance rates while also gaining new patients. If patients cannot afford their treatment plan, dental savings plans are the solution to help them continue their treatment and keep them coming back. And now, with Dentrix G7.6 or later, practices can enroll uninsured patients into a Dental Savings Plan on-the-spot with the Integration. is for dentists who want:

  • A free patient marketing program, including digital flyers and rack cards personalized to the practice, designed to provide you with new and easy ways to increase treatment plan acceptance and revenue.
  • A way to motivate inactive patients to return to the practice for treatment by offering an affordable way for them to get the care they need.
  • The opportunity to reach new patients and generate appointment requests, by appearing at the top of search results in our popular online dentist search tool.
  • To be paid directly by the patient, at the time of service, without any paperwork.
  • To help patients get the care they need without delay.

With Dentrix G7.6, accepting dental savings plans, and enrolling patients into them has never been easier. Email, call 833.851.7222 or visit today.