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Dental Scalers & Curettes – Ultrasonic Scalers

Dental Scalers & Curettes – Ultrasonic Scalers

Henry Schein carries a wide selection of dental scalers and curettes, manufactured by reputable companies in the dental industry such as Hu-Friedy, Miltex-Integra, Premier Dental and many more. Henry Schein also offers dental scalers and curettes under the Henry Schein private label brand. All Henry Schein Brand dental scalers and curettes are designed to meet all of your dental practice needs, whether performing a surgery or a routine exam. All Henry Schein Brand products are backed by the Henry Schein Seal of Excellence.

Scalers and Curettes

In periodontal dentistry, scalers and curettes are used for root planning and the removal of plaque and tartar from patient's teeth. Be sure to browse the Henry Schein Dental website to view the new Air Collection: our lightest line made from stainless steel. They have a unique and exclusive handle design that makes each instrument as light as air, with an average weight of 12 Gm. Handles are made from stainless 304 steel; welded tips are 420 steel. Instruments be cleaned in a thermodisinfector and sterilized in an autoclave. Product range exists of single- and double-ended instruments for operatory and periodontal procedures. Henry Schein offers dental scalers and curettes that best fit the needs of your dental practice. Browse our large selection of dental scalers and curettes to order online or contact your Henry Schein Dental Sales Consultant for more information.

Dental Scalers & Curettes – Ultrasonic Scalers

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