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Cardiology Medical Equipment and Supplies

Cardiology Medical Equipment and Supplies

Cardiology Medical Equipment and Supplies

Cardiac Care Equipment, Supplies, and Products

Cardiology and cardiovascular medicine are at the heart of population health. Challenges include an increasingly comorbid population, a growing and increasingly complex population of cardiac inpatients, and the wide range of technological considerations to have your practice deliver the best care and keep up with the times. Henry Schein can help guide your cardiology and cardiovascular services practice with the right medical equipment and supplies from trusted brands.

Henry Schein Brand Cardiology Equipment

Ensuring consistent monitoring of heart health is a fundamental aspect of any cardiology practice. Our brand simplifies the process of replenishing essential supplies such as Holter monitor kits, snap electrodes, defibrillator pads, ECG/EKG recording paper, and equipment like scales and specialized stethoscopes. To learn more about Henry Schein Brand supplies and equipment, fill out a form and a medical supplies specialist will be in touch to assist in the buying process.

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Medical and Surgical Supplies for Cardiology

Quality medical and surgical supplies from Henry Schein Medical help cardiologists improve their patients' heart health. Our wide range of medical and surgical supplies are designed to help you meet your cardiology practice needs and—we are dedicated to providing better, safer patient care.

Top Selling Cardiac Supplies

  • Exam Room Supplies: Ensure your cardiology exam room is equipped with paper disposables, EKG gels, electrode prep pads, and more
  • Sterilization Supplies: Preventing the spread of infection within your cardiology practice starts with proper disinfection products
  • Surface Disinfectant & Cleaning: Keep your examination room free from harmful germs and bacteria with sanitizing products and more
  • Instrument Reprocessing: Intended for infection prevention and to preserve the health and safety of your cardiology practice while maintaining profitability

Cardiac Equipment to Deliver Top Notch Patient Care

Optimize heart health within the primary care setting with cardiology equipment and products designed to take your patients' cardiovascular health to the next level. Being on the front lines of health care delivery, cardiopulmonary equipment is essential to assessing patient risk factors including obesity, diabetes, and coronary heart disease.

Explore our cardiac equipment categories below:

  • ECG/EKG Machines: Accurately identify heart irregularities with electrocardiogram and echocardiogram machines from brands you can rely on
  • Stress Testing Equipment: Simplify the cardiac stress testing experience with innovative technology and smart designs for your practice
  • Holter Monitors: EHR compatibility and easy-to-use, our collection of Holter monitors can keep track of your patients' heart rhythms during routine activity
  • Hypertension Diagnostic & Monitoring Equipment: Our automated blood pressure monitors can simplify your diagnostic and care process
  • Cardiac Ultrasound Machine (imaging equipment): Clear, digital imaging for diagnostic visualization that can streamline routine evaluations
  • AED Machines: Quickly respond to a cardiac emergency with reliable AED equipment

ECG/EKG Machines

We understand the importance of having reliable and quality equipment when monitoring patients for irregular heartbeats, chest pains, or determining treatments for endocarditis. ECG/EKG machines are crucial for diagnosing overall heart health. That's why we carry trusted brands including Welch Allyn.

Cardiac Stress Test Systems and Equipment

Observing heart health during exercise can reveal problems with blood flow. Therefore, having the most up to date stress testing systems and equipment is top of mind for Cardiologists. Our inventory includes a selection of treadmills and systems that are easy to use and smartly designed.

Holter Monitoring Systems

Sometimes a diagnosis can take more than a visit to the cardiologist. Rely on our selection of holter monitors to accurately monitor a patient's cardiac health. Our devices can be worn by patients for 24 hours or more and are designed with comfort in mind. Browse from our selection of systems from Welch Allyn.

Blood Pressure Monitors

High blood pressure can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Monitor a patient's blood pressure with full confidence and ease with our selection of diagnostic equipment. Quickly diagnosis and treat hypertensive patients.

Cardiac Ultrasound Machines

Cardiac ultrasound machines are a fundamental element in the diagnostic process. Deliver clear imaging with multifunctional cardiac ultrasound machine systems from trusted brands such as GE Healthcare.

Spirometers and Spirometry Equipment

Heart health affects all different parts of the body, including the lungs. When it's time to scale how a patient's heart might be hindering their breathing you need prompt and accurate spirometers. Our inventory includes spirometry equipment from NDD, and the Henry Schein private label.

AED Machines

In the case of a cardiac emergency, time is crucial, and a quick response can save a life. Our AED machines are powerful, adaptable, and durable.


Improve patient health with high-quality defibrillators backed by the latest technology.

Pharmacological Stress Testing

If your patient recently had surgery or suffers from a history of hearth health problems, rely on our pharmacological stress testing to measure blood abnormalities.

Pharmaceutical Supplies for Cardiology

Henry Schein Medical is committed to offering you the best pharmaceutical products and services as well as enhancing the quality of care in your practice. We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical supplies and drug supplies designed to help you meet your cardiology practice needs.

Most Popular Cardiology Pharmaceutical Products

  • Cardiovasculars
  • Respiratory
  • Hematological Agents
  • Anesthetics
  • Pain Management
  • Steroids

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies for Cardiology

Looking to implement or innovate your on-site testing capabilities? Our experienced laboratory specialists can assist you in the planning, equipment selection, setup, and regulatory compliance within new and existing office laboratories. Our goal is to simplify and streamline your procurement process, allowing you to focus on cardiovascular care.