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Medical Bandages and Surgical Bandages

Henry Schein Medical is your medical bandage superstore. From standard Band Aid brand bandages and dressing coverlet strips to elastic bandages, latex and latex free bandages, self-adherent bandages and fabric bandages, we have all the bandages you need for virtually any medical application.

Our industry reputation allows us to negotiate with manufactures to bring you the lowest prices. When you buy wholesale bandages from Henry Schein Medical, you can be confident you are getting high quality products at the most competitive prices available. We also offer an exclusive PRIVILEGES Program that rewards you with benefits for consistently purchasing your bandages and other medical supplies through Henry Schein Medical.

Henry Schein Brand Medical Bandages and Surgical Bandages

We take immense pride in offering our own private brand of medical bandages and surgical bandages, exclusively tailored to meet the unique requirements of health care professionals like you. With a deep understanding of the importance of reliable wound care, our Henry Schein Brand delivers superior materials for exceptional performance in every product. Our medical bandages are meticulously designed to provide secure and long-lasting adhesion, ensuring optimal wound healing and patient comfort. Whether you're in need of bandages for minor injuries or complex surgical procedures, trust in the quality and reliability of Henry Schein Brand.

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Adhesive Bandages

  • Secure adhesion for optimal wound closure
  • Various sizes and shapes to accommodate different wound types
  • Breathable materials promote airflow and aid in healing

Medicated Bandages

  • Infused with medications like antibacterial agents or soothing ointments
  • Provide targeted treatment and protection for specific conditions
  • Assists in preventing infection and promoting healing

Gauze Bandages

  • Highly absorbent for effective wound exudate management
  • Soft and non-stick to minimize discomfort during dressing changes
  • Allows airflow for enhanced wound healing

Paste Bandages

  • Contains soothing or medicated paste for targeted wound care
  • Creates a protective barrier to prevent contamination
  • Assists in maintaining a moist wound environment


  • Trusted brand for reliable and convenient wound coverage
  • Variety of sizes and designs for different wound sizes and locations
  • Gentle adhesive for easy application and removal

Self-Adherent Bandages

  • Sticks to itself without the need for clips or tape
  • Provides compression and support for joints and limbs
  • Does not leave residue or stick to skin or hair

Burn Care Bandages

  • Specifically designed for burn injuries
  • Non-adherent and non-stick to minimize pain during dressing changes
  • Helps cool and protect the burn area

Spray/Liquid Bandages

  • Provides a protective barrier over the wound
  • Forms a waterproof and germ-resistant seal
  • Convenient and easy-to-use application

Conforming Bandages

  • Elastic and flexible to conform to body contours
  • Ideal for securing dressings and providing light compression
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic for patient comfort

Surgical Mesh Bandages

  • Used for reinforcing surgical incisions and wound closure
  • Provides support and strength during the healing process
  • Minimizes scarring and improves wound healing outcomes

Cotton Bandages

  • Made from 100% cotton for softness and comfort
  • Ideal for sensitive or delicate skin
  • Allows for optimal breathability

Tape Adherents/Removers

  • Ensures secure adhesion of dressings and bandages
  • Gentle adhesive removers for painless tape removal
  • Minimizes skin irritation and trauma

Debridement & Supplies

  • Assists in the removal of dead tissue or foreign objects from wounds
  • Helps in creating an environment conducive to wound healing
  • Various tools and supplies available for different debridement methods


  • Provides secure and long-lasting adhesion for dressings
  • Waterproof or hypoallergenic options available
  • Versatile for various applications, such as wound closure or support


  • Wide range of dressing types, including non-adherent, foam, or hydrocolloid
  • Promotes moist wound healing and prevents infection
  • Available in different sizes and shapes for various wound types

Elastic/Tubular Bandages

  • Offers compression and support for sprains, strains, and joint injuries
  • Elasticity allows for comfortable movement and flexibility
  • Easy to apply and adjust for a customized fit