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Purchase Drape Sheets

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Drape Sheets - Disposable Sheets and Surgical Sheets

Henry Schein is your premier medical supplier, offering a complete section of surgical supplies for all of your practice needs.

Henry Schein - Fenestrated Drape Sheets

Fenestrated Drape Sheets

Henry Schein - Non-Fenestrated Drape Sheets

Non-Fenestrated Drape Sheets

Drape Sheets

All Surgical Drape Sheets

Henry Schein Medical has a wide variety of types of disposable surgical drapes to choose from. Our range of drape sheets includes ancillary, angiography, cystoscopy, neuro/ophthalmic, orthopedic, obstetrics/gynecology and other surgical drapes, both sterile and non-sterile, plus many more.

Our goal is to help you provide excellent patient care by only offering high-quality products produced by leading manufacturers in the medical industry. Henry Schein carries Busse Hospital Disposable, Cardinal Health, Welmed Inc. and many more.

Surgical Drape Sheets selection includes:

Busse Hospital Disposable


Cardinal Health


Welmed Inc

Henry Schein Drape Sheets

In addition to Henry Schein’s role as a top distributor of surgical drapes, Henry Schein manufactures its own private brand label of high-quality, competitively priced drapes. Sterile drapes are available as both fenestrated and non-fenestrated.

Fenestrated Drapes
Henry Schein

  • Allows access to the operative site while it protects surrounding area
  • 3" round fenestration option is die cut and heat sealed, leaving a smooth, even edge that prevents linting
  • Blue/white combination for antiglare
  • Generously sized
  • Individually packed, 300 per case (6 dispensers of 50 each)

Purchase Fenestrated Drapes

Non-Fenestrated Drapes
Henry Schein

  • Heat sealed along 2 outer edges to ensure a pinhole-free plastic layer that guarantees maximum protection against bacterial strike-through from below
  • Features polyethylene lining between two layers of absorbent-strength tissue, virtually eliminating risk of bacterial migration and strike-through
  • Using blue-tissue side up prevents glare
  • All sterile fields are available in convenient dispenser boxes of 50 each

Purchase Non-Fenestrated Drapes

Henry Schein can provide your practice with solutions. In addition to offering competitive prices and superior customer service, Henry Schein features SurgiTeam™, a resource center. SurgiTeam™ is a single source for everyday surgical products including Custom Surgical Kits and Packs. As an additional resource, the SurgiTeam™ Solutions Guide provides pertinent information for your practice, highlighting topics such as instrument sterilization standards, surgical site infections and common coding mistakes.

Not only do we offer competitive prices, we also have a customer loyalty program. As a Henry Schein customer, your practice will receive exclusive benefits when you sign up for PracticePRIVILEGES. Enroll in PracticePRIVILEGES to start money-saving offers and unique discounts for your practice.

We offer a large selection of drape sheets suited for all exam and procedural needs. Don’t forget to stock up on these popular drape sheets from Henry Schein. If you have any questions regarding drapes or other products, feel free to request info and a representative will contact you with assistance.

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