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SIEMENS Dimension® integrated chemistry systems streamline laboratory workflow with proven innovative and integrated solutions for every lab.

Dimension® Xpand® Plus Integrated Chemistry System
Full–Range Capability, Compact Space for the low–volume laboratory

Dimension® EXL™ with LM Integrated Chemistry System
The next level of proven Dimension integration with LOCI® Advanced Chemiluminenscence for the mid–sized laboratory

Dimension® RxL Max® Integrated Chemistry System
Engineered to meet your evolving needs in the mid–sized laboratory


ACE Alera® Clinical Chemistry System

The ACE Alera system is the proven, high–performance, low–maintenance chemistry analyzer capable of improving patient care and your bottom line.

The ACE Alera clinical chemistry system serves a wide variety of chemistry diagnostic needs with the power of a large floor model analyzer in an easily integrated and economizing compact footprint of a bench–top model.

Instrument Features:

The ACE Alera processes up to 165 photometric tests per hour and up to 120 potentiometric (ISE) tests per hour.

Closed–Tube Sampling
The ACE Alera system's patented closed–tube sampling assures safety by effectively minimizing the risk of blood–borne pathogens. There's no need to pour off samples.

On–Board Sample and Reagent Refrigeration
The ACE Alera’s refrigerated compartment maintains specimen and reagent integrity as well as eliminating overnight reagent transfer. Up to 40 test reagents can be stored on–board at any time.

Positive Sample and Reagent ID
The ACE Alera’s software identifies and tracks samples, patients and reagent details including expiration date and remaining reagent. Stores up to 1,000 patient records and 5,000 requisitions.

Stat Interrupt
The ACE Alera offers a unique STAT interrupt process for single or panel testing.

Auto Repeat and Dilution
The ACE Alera system ensures fast, accurate reporting of abnormal test results by automatically diluting and repeating those tests without operator intervention while offering a unique STAT test interrupt process for single tests.

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  ACE Alera® Clinical Chemistry System