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Medical Gowns & Aprons

Medical Gowns & Aprons

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Licensed Medical Professionals turn to Henry Schein as their source for medical protective gowns and aprons.

Henry Schein Medical is a leading distributor to health care providers, and does not sell or distribute product to non-medical professionals or the general public.

We offer all varieties of protective medical gowns through the Henry Schein Medical website. Select your gowns by different features for your procedures, such as spray impact penetration and hydrostatic pressure variances. We carry a wide variety of protective gowns including surgical, cover all, isolation, and thumb loop gowns.

Protective Medical Gown and Apron Features

Surgical Gowns
Protective medical gowns are made of liquid proof poly-coated material. Long sleeves with cuffs, attached waists and neck ties, adjustable neck line with yellow hook-and-loop style neck binding. Gowns may vary in specifications.
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Cover Gowns
Cover gowns are full-length made of fluid resistance, nonwoven polypropylene material. Full cut, open neck and back with waste ties. Sewn neck binder and knit cuffs. Gowns may vary in specifications.
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Isolation Gowns
Isolation gowns are durable, single-ply polypropylene gowns. Glued seams provide superior protection: no stitch holes to allow for the passage of fluids or bacteria. Gowns may vary in specifications.
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Thumb Loop Gowns
Thumb loop gowns are unique one-piece-design gowns with thumb loop on sleeve makes donning gloves easier. These gowns are 100% polyethylene impervious barrier with an easy on/off slip. One size fits most. Gowns may vary in specifications.
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Polycoated Apron
Worn over ordinary or other protective apparel, this full length apron is perfect for hygiene and added protection. Aprons may vary in specifications.
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When Healthcare workers or their patients come in contact with hazardous materials, they reach first for Henry Schein disposable protective garment medical gowns. Made of strong yet comfortable nonwoven materials, the gowns provide discreet coverage by remaining opaque and durable even when wet.

Medical Protective Gown 4 Level liquid Scale

Medical gown levels of protection to choose:

  • <4.5g Spray impact penetration
  • Light Weight
  • <1g Spray impact penetration
  • >20cm Hydrostatic Pressure Test
  • Moderate Weight
  • <1g Spray impact penetration
  • >50cm Hydrostatic Pressure Test
  • Heavy Weight
  • Passes Spray impact penetration
  • Passes Hydrostatic Pressure Test
  • Heavy Weight

Our Resource Center, features a special section designed just for Infection Control™, which is an awareness page regarding infection, prevention and solutions. Specifically, we have a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) handbook that contains best practices and information for preventing diseases and germs.

For any questions regarding medical gowns or medical aprons on the Henry Schein Medical website, fill out our request for info page and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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