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About Point-of-Care Testing (POCT)

About Point-of-Care Testing (POCT)

Drive Operational and Clinical Efficiency with Point-of-Care Testing (POCT)

With the rising implementation of point-of-care testing (POCT) in medical facilities, physicians can now offer patients real-time, lab-diagnostic test results to detect common illnesses like influenza and strep throat, while also testing for urine and blood abnormalities. Henry Schein's POCT options can help increase your lab's efficiency, thus providing you with the timely results you need for effective decision-making.

A robust POCT strategy delivers clinical and operational benefits including:

Healthier Outcomes for point-of-care Testing - Henry Schein Medical
Healthier Outcomes

POCT provides rapid results in minutes, rather than hours to days. Armed with quick and reliable results, physicians can prescribe the correct antibiotics or chart an effective course of treatment with confidence. POCT’s improved efficiency and productivity may also keep symptoms and conditions from escalating in both severity and duration.

Operational and Financial Efficiency for point-of-care Testing - Henry Schein Medical
Operational and Financial Efficiency

Leveraging the real-time results from POCT can have an immediate impact on a practice’s bottom line. Physicians can confidently treat their patients with a plan that may reduce the need for additional testing, and limit unnecessary patient follow-up—all of which can streamline efficiencies within their practice.

Improved Patient Experience for point-of-care Testing - Henry Schein Medical
An Improved Patient Experience

POCT delivers speed and accuracy all in one place—the physician’s office. While physicians are recognizing the key clinical benefits behind POCT, they’re meeting the needs of their patients. Because 70% of medical decisions regarding patient diagnosis and treatments are drawn from laboratory testing, shifting that technology to the medical practice empowers an efficient, innovative, and enhanced patient experience.

Diagnostic Product Resource - Henry Schein Medical
Diagnostic Product Resource

Diagnostic solutions to make rapid and reliable treatment decisions at the point-of-care (POC).

Molecular Testing - Henry Schein Medical
Molecular Testing

Identify the source of symptoms with the rapid diagnostic capabilities of molecular testing. With the ability to be administered at the point-of-care, molecular testing is vital in developing an accurate treatment plan for any condition or disease.

As health care becomes more consumer-driven, physicians are seeking more convenient and accurate diagnosis options to satisfy their patients’ expectations. POCT focuses on early detection and prevention with the use of CLIA-waived, moderately complex, and highly complex testing.

The speed, technology, and convenience behind POCT provides an improved physician and patient experience by allowing patient samples to be tested at the office. The prompt turnaround time POCT provides helps the physician deliver an accurate course of treatment and prescriptive therapy.

Solutions for Your Practice

Henry Schein’s point-of-care team can assist you with initial lab setup and implementation while consulting with you on the right products you’ll need to keep your business running efficiently. Our next-day delivery method guarantees your facility will always be accurately stocked and ready-to-test.

We invite you to connect with us to learn more. To order lab products, contact a Henry Schein Representative.