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COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 and Flu Testing:
Staying Prepared is Key

Covid-19 testing capabilities continue to advance. And, as variants like Delta and Omicron persist, timely testing options have become a critical tool in preventing further spread. With some similarities to the flu, confirming or ruling out a Covid-19 diagnosis can help to ensure patients, and those they interact with, receive the best outcome possible.

COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing Options

The CDC has now made it easier for healthcare providers and their patients to quickly identify the most appropriate testing options for recommendation and use. The mobile-friendly Covid-19 Viral Testing Tool can also assist in interpreting results while offering next-step guidance.

We understand having access to a vast portfolio of testing options can be essential to delivering quality care. That's why, in collaboration with our diagnostic partners, we stock a variety of Molecular, PCR, highly specific & protein-focused Antigen, serology-centered Antibody, Flu, RSV and Strep test kits and supplies.

COVID-19 Test Kits and Supplies

Access to appropriate testing options helps to provide peace of mind for both the patient and the practitioner. Browse our Selection of Covid-19 Test Kits and Supplies below.

Molecular Testing

Because respiratory illnesses may closely mimic one another, having a variety of testing options allows for a more accurate diagnosis. Learn more about molecular testing capabilities here.

Flu Testing

A patient with symptoms of respiratory illness who tests negative for COVID-19 may have still have the flu—which is why flu testing remains essential. Shop our readers and lateral flow flu testing options here.