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Podiatry Tools | Instruments & Supplies

Podiatry Tools | Instruments & Supplies

Podiatry Instruments, Tools, and Supplies

Is your podiatry practice equipped with the latest tools, supplies, and instruments you need to deliver quality care?

The average American walks 3,000 to 4,000 steps or 1.5 to 2 miles per day.¹ Spending time on one's feet is essential—and often contributes to aches and pains. Make sure your patients can stay on their feet with Henry Schein Medical's Foot & Ankle robust portfolio of advanced solutions and modern equipment to improve patient outcomes and streamline practice efficiency.

The health care journey is constantly evolving. While your practice continues to innovate, we remain at the forefront of change. We're committed to developing and sharing relevant resources to grow your podiatry practice. Keeping the health of your business our upmost priority, you can rely on us for the latest advancements in health care technology, podiatry equipment, and supplies.

Our fully integrated service team understands the needs of your business. We have the ability to support your clinical, financial, and operational goals so you can do what you do best—provide quality care every day.

Learn how Henry Schein Medical Foot & Ankle can grow your podiatric practice.

Tools, Instruments, and Equipment for your Podiatry Practice

Innovations in the podiatry field may result in elevated patient outcomes, more-opportune treatment options, and a patient-forward business. Henry Schein Medical Foot & Ankle equipment offerings include advanced podiatry technology to help modernize your practice and ensure you can continuously deliver quality patient care.

  • Podiatry Chairs and Tables: Ensure your patients are at ease when visiting your practice with comfortable podiatry tables and examination chairs
  • Podiatry Drills with Vacuum: Hand-held drills with vacuum support can increase your practices efficiency while providing the patient with precise care
  • Cutters / Grinders / and more: Your podiatry practice needs to be prepared for every aliment that walks through your office door. Having small podiatry equipment on-hand ensures proper care delivery
  • Digital X-Ray Machines and Equipment: Instill clarity and accuracy in your care decisions with state-of-the-art imaging equipment made for your podiatry practice needs

Solutions for Foot and Ankle Specialists

Our partnership with you extends beyond foot & ankle supplies and equipment. Henry Schein Medical offers technology and value-based solutions that can introduce efficiency techniques where needed, pandemic preparedness, financial solutions, and product innovations.

Discover our curated collection of resources below:

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Podiatry Practice Efficiency

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Are you prepared for unprecedented challenges? Protect your staff and podiatry practice with our extensive portfolio of personal protective equipment.

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Podiatry Medical Equipment Innovations

As health care technology evolves, so should the equipment in your podiatry practice. Discover the latest product innovations from Henry Schein Medical.

Browse our Catalog for a Complete List of Podiatry Tools and Supplies

View our catalog to learn more about the products we offer podiatry professionals.

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