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Medical Supply Chain Solutions

Medical Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Capabilities

Supply Chain Solutions for Every Practice

At the heart of every successful health care practice, you find strategic alignment between the people, processes, and technology operating the business. Whether you're an independent practitioner, a large group practice, or part of a health system or Integrated Delivery Network (IDN), Henry Schein Medical offers Supply Chain Technology solutions that can take your practice's efficiency and productivity to the next level.

Our innovative supply chain technology has been designed from the ground up to give our customers a competitive advantage in the areas of order management, enterprise administration, workflow efficiency and automation, process controls, and compliance, as well as inventory management. You can always Rely On Us to identify which Henry Schein solution(s) will keep your health care practice operating at its highest efficiency and effectiveness.

Medical Supply Chain Management Solutions - Henry Schein

Medical Supply Chain Management Solutions

Henry Schein Medical offers flexible, enterprise-grade, supply chain management solutions.

  • Web Ordering Features—order approvals, budgets, custom catalogs, online returns, recurring orders, custom order/item messages, barcode ordering
  • Mobile Ordering Solutions—responsive website and mobile-ordering applications for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices
  • Web Inventory Management—order forecasting, suggested orders, barcode scanning, and replenishment solutions
  • Web Invoice Reconciliations—online three-way match, statements and payments, invoice and electronic shipment receipt documents
  • Web Reports—purchasing spend, order details, asset valuation, invoice summary
  • Custom Data Analytics—contract spend, GL codes
  • Product Safety Data Sheets—real-time access, batch reporting
  • Secure B2B transactions—EDI, cXML, PunchOut connectivity

Workflow Engagement:


Standardization is the key to running a lean health care practice. Working in partnership with Henry Schein Supply Chain Technology, our customers develop ways to eliminate variances in the people, processes, and technologies used to manage their supply chain management operations. Contact your Henry Schein Sales Rep for more information on how to standardize your supply chain operations.


Your process should always speak to your specific workflow needs. Working with Henry Schein Supply Chain Technology, customers can implement customized budgets, approval routing, packing slips, invoices, and inventory management solutions to address the specific needs of particular items, users, departments, ship-to locations, or business groups.


Automate your workflow and eliminate the need to perform manual tasks. Whether it is removing paper from a process, or automating compliance and controls, reports or notifications, Henry Schein Medical has a solution to help automate your supply chain operations.

Medical Supply Chain Solutions Customer Success Story

Hi Ryan:

I just wanted to comment on the convenience of the inventory system and how easy it makes tracking orders and inventory along with the accessibility of knowing how much product and cost is on our shelves. I love being able to print an inventory list and give it to an employee to do a shelf count and enter the numbers. I can also better track my budget with the electronic system and rarely do I have to call you.

I feel that all of The Villages Health will benefit from this service you provide….and I look forward to a continued great relationship.

Teresa Rednour
Clinical Supervisor
The Villages Health
Specialty Care Center

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