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Medical Ultrasound Machine

Medical Ultrasound Machine

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Medical Ultrasound Devices

Henry Schein offers a variety of Medical Ultrasound Machine, a part of our diagnostic medical equipment selection. Siemens ultrasound machines are used for a wide array of applications including cardiovascular, OB/GYN and radiology.

As an authorized representative of Siemens, Henry Schein Medical offers a variety of Siemens ultrasound systems and interventional diagnostic equipment and supplies that may be utilized across many clinical applications and for most patient types.

Ultrasound and diagnostic medical sonography advancements in recent years have dramatically improved workflow efficiency and delivered a higher level of diagnostic information and procedure confidence for clinics.

  • Keep pace with breakthroughs in echocardiography
  • Stay confident with advanced solutions for obstetrics and gynecology
  • Handle a range of patient types and applications

ACUSON X Family™ Ultrasound Machine Units

ACUSON X150™ Compact and Portable Ultrasound

The ACUSON X150™ is a part of the ACUSON X Family™ by Siemens. This device integrates impeccable ultrasound imaging technologies to focus on a variety of needs for OB/GYN patients. Using pulse wave Doppler imaging, the ACUSON X150™ monitor displays in color using superior quality 2D visuals.  Reliable, portable and flexible, this unit is a great value for all OB/GYN applications.

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Siemens - ACUSON X150™ Compact and Portable Ultrasound

ACUSON X300™ PE for Cardiology

The ACUSON X300™ premium edition contains a complete cardiac solution with a full set of quantification tools for spectral and color. ACUSON X300 PE is known for providing excellent ultrasound imaging for a wide range of cardiac patients.

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Siemens - ACUSON X300™ PE for Cardiology Premium Edition

ACUSON X700™ Ultrasound System

The premier ultrasound device of the ACUSON X Family™ of ultrasound systems is designed with the latest in ultrasound imaging technologies. The ACUSON X700™ technologies create a friendly user experience and maximize your investment. Highly reliable, it provides a clear visual of TGO™ and DTI™.

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Siemens – ACUSON X700™ Ultrasound System

ACUSON P300™ Echocardiogram Machine

The ACUSON P300™ portable echocardiogram machine is easy to use and built for superb performance. This device uses sound waves where images are then displayed on a screen. Easily mobile, this unit is perfect for traveling and use in almost any environment with minimal space constraints. The ACUSON P300™ features advanced technologies and imaging. Providing excellent image quality and workflow efficiencies, it enables clinicians to make confident diagnoses with high patient throughput.

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Siemens - ACUSON P300™ Portable Ultrasound


SONIMAGE P3’s quick diagnosis during the examination helps reduce unnecessary follow-ups and can improve referral accuracy. Immediate ultrasound helps speed diagnosis, reduce patient wait-times, and improve work flow by providing additional information for validation and identification of patients who require further examination. SONIMAGE P3 is one of the most competitively priced portable ultrasounds in the industry. Purchase SONIMAGE P3

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Konica Minolta - SONIMAGE P3

Ultrasound Supplies

Not only do we carry ultrasound units, but Henry Schein also carries a wide variety of supplies including:

Siemens Ultrasound Benefits

Henry Schein carries a wide variety of ultrasound equipment and ultrasound supplies. Each device is unique in every way allowing faster and more accurate results. Some products include:

  • DICOM 3.0 connectivity, real time 3D/4D imaging
  • Tissue Harmonics
  • Internal CD-RW
  • Color Doppler: Pulse Wave/Continuous Wave Doppler
  • Peripheral vascular
  • Abdominal vascular
  • Comprehensive measurements and calculations as well as report and analysis packages, including integrated stress echo
  • High definition flat panel monitor, fully digital black and white imaging
  • Color Doppler

*Products features may vary

Henry Schein is dedicated to equipping your practice with state-of-the-art equipment, making it easier for you and your patients. Contact our medical ultrasound specialists and ask about exclusive lease options when purchasing a diagnostic medical ultrasound machine for your primary care or medical specialty healthcare practice.

When your practice needs a Medical Ultrasound Machine, think Henry Schein! We have competitive prices for all units and supplies.

For any questions regarding our medical ultrasound machine products on the Henry Schein Medical website, click on request for info and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Not only do we offer competitive prices, we also have a customer loyalty program. As a Henry Schein customer, your practice will receive exclusive benefits when you sign up for PracticePRIVILEGES. Enroll in PracticePRIVILEGES to start money-saving offers and unique discounts for your practice. PracticePRIVILEGES to start money-saving benefits and unique discounts for your practice.

Henry Schein offers other services too!

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